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tv   Today  NBC  February 7, 2012 7:00am-11:00am EST

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good morning. contraception controversy. catholic leaders blast president obama over a decision to require church affiliated institutions to provide insurance coverage for birth control and they vow to make it an issue in this year's presidential race. > disturbing details on what may have happened in josh powell's house before he set it on fire killing himself and his two young sons. what may have been his motive? and gisele bundchen under fire blaming tom brady's teammates for the loss as the
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city of york gets ready for a parade today, tuesday, february city of york gets ready for a parade today, tuesday, february 7, 2012. captions paid for by nbc-universal television and welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning. i'm ann curry. >> i'm matt lauer. president obama is facing increased pressure this morning to reverse the controversial new health insurance policy that's drawing criticism from catholics. >> the backlash could threaten the president's support among a voting block that was critical in 2008. we'll tell you about the controversy this morning. voters in three states are casting ballots today in the gop presidential race. the latest on that ahead. and new developments on the tourette's-like symptoms in a town in upstate new york. a doctor who has treated one of the girls says social media
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could be fuelling the outbreak. we'll hear from him. >> that's interesting. when you think of france you think wine, fashion and art. the author of a new book raising a family there wants you to add parenting to the list. why she believes the french have unlocked the secrets to raising better kids. we'll see about that. >> let us begin on tuesday morning with a check of the top stories of natalie at the news desk. good morning to you. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with disturbing details in the murder-suicide of josh powell and a his two sons. police say the husband of missing woman susan powell planned his son's deaths donating their toys and books over the last few days before preparing the house for the massive, deadly blaze. according to the medical examiner both boys suffered additional injuries to the head and neck and a hatchet was found in the house. much more coming up in a live
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report. international pressure is mounting on bashar al asad to stop the bloody crack down in syria. ayman mohyeldin has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. in the face of that united nations veto by russia and china human rights organizations are saying that the asad regime carried out a license to kill. that's explaining the sharp increase in violence. mo mortars raining down on homs. in the street, recovering dead bodies has become too dangerous who says government snipers shoot to kill anyone who dares step out. no place is safe. not even this makeshift clinic where people seek refuge and where doctors struggle to treat the injured. it, too, was hit. >> all we want is help. we don't care if an army comes in. we don't care if -- bombards
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syria. >> reporter: military help won't happen now says president obama, in an interview with matt. >> it's important to resolve this without recourse to outside military intervention. >> reporter: a u.n. security council resolution calling on a transition to a democratic government was vetoed by china and russia drawing international condemnation. in damascus crowds lined the streets to welcome solutions to ending the crisis. eyewitnesses report that syrian tanks and soldiers are moving to other cities, raising fears that similar attacks in other parts of the country could be imminent. in the wake of the diplomatic failure at the u.n. countries like turkey and other gulf arab states say they will try to solve the conflict in a peaceful way. natalie? >> ayman mohyeldin in cairo, egypt. thanks so much.
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congress passed a bill aimed at pushing the country's aviation system into a new era. the bill will speed the switch from radar to gps-based air traffic control. the agreement provides stability to the f.a.a. granting long-term funding over the next four years. now to wall street. cnbc's mandy drury is at the new york stock exchange this morning. good morning. >> good morning. it's crunch time in greece to avoid a chaotic debt default which could hurt stocks here potentially. and the earnings continues and oil giant bp is making more money thanks to higher oil prices. it is also preparing for lawsuits related to the gulf of mexico oil spill. they will begin later this month. also, walmart is apparently going to label some great value brand products "great for you" in response to childhood obesity. >> in case you were wondering what the new york giants did on the flight home, take a look.
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andre brown is leading a victory chant with teammates. >> i got a ring! he got one, too. >> all right! >> i got a ring! he got one, too. >> they've all got their super bowl rings. today they are also going to get the keys to the city of new york and a ticker tape parade. a lot of hardware for the giants. all proud. 7:06. back to matt, ann and al. lots of traffic today. >> downtown, no question. >> do you think the plane was doing this making its way to new york? >> let's get a check on the weather from mr. roker. >> a little turbulence. first of alroker. >> first of all, it has been really dry throughout much of southern and central california. three inches below normal for l.a. 7 1/2 inches. san francisco. good news. lot of rain from san francisco all the way down to san diego. rainfall amounts about a half an inch to an inch of rain. but still it is much needed. and in practice, they are
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looking at heavier rain, too, key west tall way up to daytona beach. basically anywhere from 1 to 2 inches of rain along the eastern coast. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. live view from the sky watcher camera showing the sun just now peeking above the horizon on this tuesday morning. it is clear and cold. and temperatures around the region are near freezing in the suburbs and rural areas. but just south and east of washington, it is in the mid and upper 30s to near 40 degrees. farther west and north, few areas above freezing. later today, climbing into the 50s with sunshine, cloudy tomorrow and light snow. and that's your latest weather, matt? >> it's a busy day in the gop presidential race. contests today in colorado, minnesota and missouri. nbc's peter alexander is on the campaign trail in colorado. peter, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to
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you. mitt romney hopes to continue his march uninterrupted today while rick santorum hopes for his biggest break out day since the iowa caucuses. there are three contests today and a senior romney adviser telling me overnight, do not be surprised if santorum pulls off a minnesota victory today. >> you don't get a better welcome than a colorado welcome. i'll tell you that. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: in front of a packed high school gym outside denver mitt romney ignored republican rivals. instead hammered away at president obama for this exchange with matt on "today." >> do you deserve a second term? >> i deserve a second term. we're not done. >> he said he deserves a second term. do you believe that? [ this president has failed and he needs to go and we need a new president. >> reporter: with growing buzz surrounding rick santorum's presidential bid the romney
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campaign began going after the former pennsylvania senator who until now had largely escaped being the target of romney's attack machine. sending out e-mails including a statement from one of romney's top surrogates, tim pawlenty. rick santorum is a nice guy, pawlenty wrote, but he's not ready to be president. santorum fired back. >> any time anyone challenges governor romney, he attacks and tries to destroy. i don't think it will work this time. >> reporter: following today's votes in colorado, minnesota and missouri, the republican race moves to maine this weekend before heading to arizona, michigan and washington state, all leading up to super tuesday march 6th, exactly four weeks away. that's exactly where newt gingrich hopes to resurrect his struggling campaign. on monday, gingrich softened his critique of romney. >> he's not a bad person per se. but he's not a person who goes in with force and will and
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fundamentally changes things. we need fundamental change. >> in a lighter note gingrich addressed his portrayal on "saturday night live." >> it's so ee's kwoe"saturday ." any politician who gets notice "saturday night live." this is an american institution. >> reporter: where the campaigns hold their party tonight shows their strategy. mitt romney will be in colorado. ron paul in minnesota. rick santorum in missouri. ann, newt gingrich will be campaigning in ohio where they don't vote until super tuesday. >> interesting, peter alexander. thank you so much. meantime the obama administration is facing a backlash from catholic leaders over birth control. nbc's andrea mitchell joins us with the story. good morning. >> good morning, ann. it's an issue that raises questions of church and state. first amendment freedoms and
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government mandates. add to it partisan politics for a volatile mix that could spell trouble for the white house in the campaign. all across the country voices on both sides are getting louder. from the pulpit and on the internet, outraged catholic clergy have been preaching against the white house decision requiring catholic hospitals, charities and other institutions to include birth control in health insurance plans. >> never before has the federal government forced individuals and organizations to go into the marketplace and buy a product that violates their conscience. >> reporter: the administration says they should not be allowed to impose their faith on non-catholic employees. supporters say the constitution mandates separation of church and state. >> people are not being forced to adopt a new set of religious beliefs by this rule. they can practice their religion as they see fit. they can choose not to use birth
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control. >> reporter: 28 states already require contraceptive services included in health benefits. >> we'll work with institutions with concerns here. it's important that we believe american women deserve access to that kind of insurance coverage regardless of where they work. >> reporter: in this volatile campaign republican candidates call it a war on religion. >> this is a decision so totally outrageous and such radical secular ideology i believe the hierarchy will oppose it every inch of the way. >> reporter: the romney campaign has an online petition against the new rule. >> we must have a president willing to preserve the right to worship god according to our own conscience. >> reporter: other republicans say it is a fundamental moral question. >> the decision is uncomprehensible and the president needs to back off of this issue or the courts are going to do it for him.
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>> reporter: the new policy has touched a nerve with some liberal democrats like mark shields on pbs. >> the fallout is cataclysmic for the white house and for the president. it left them out to dry. just a policy that i think is, quite frankly, indefensible. >> reporter: surveys indicate most catholics believe they can be good members of the church without following the teaching on birth control the issue could persuade independent voters in swing states like michigan, ohio and pennsylvania, states the president needs to win. >> thank you so much. it is now 7:13. once again, here's matt. >> ann, thank you so much. rachel maddow is here from cnbc. back in 2008, 27% of the people who voted identified themselves as catholic. president obama won in that group 54-45%. has he miscalculated on the
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issue? >> i don't think so. i don't read it that way. it's part of a larger issue on contraception. all of the republican candidates have taken far right perspectives on contraception. i think it's an extension of anti-abortion politics. not only do a vast majority of catholics use birth control but 80% of americans think health insurance should be required to cover it. >> when you hear people say president obama could suffer because of this in the election but with your logic if the majority of women in the country say they use birth control could this backfire on the republican canada cats making it an issue? >> this could mean hundreds of thousands if not millions of american women can't get health insurance coverage for contracepti contraception. mitt romney wants to eliminate all federal family planning. so women have to pay for birth control out of pocket under the republicans' plans now. all of the republican candidates including mitt romney supported legislation that could make birth control illegal. this personhood stuff.
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>> is this an issue that will last into the campaign or be something to fizzle out? >> think it will fizzle out. if there is a bus driver opening and you're amish, nobody will say you can't apply. if you get the job and say, i can't drive this bus, i'm amish. people say, if it's a bus driving gig you have to drive. if it's health insurance it includes contraception. >> we have contests in colorado, minnesota and missouri. 60 or 70 delegates up for grabs. the surprising thing is with the polling in minnesota, rick santorum polling high. one poll has him two percentage points ahead of mitt romney. what does it do to the campaign if rick santorum wins in minnesota or finishes close? >> the minnesota republican electorate is similar to iowa. that explains pawlenty's strategy in the race. he thought he could win iowa because he was known in minnesota. it's a gut check for the romney
7:16 am
campaign. why this late in the day can he not get people on board? why are his favorables and unfavorables so upside down? people say the more they know the less they like him. >> the president said he doesn't believe the israelis made a decision whether they will strike the nuclear facilities inside iran, but if you listen to the interviews israeli officials have given lately it sounds as if they have made up their minds. is the obama administration and are the israelis on the same page on this subject? >> i think the entire world is on the same page in terms of the isolation of iran on the issue. nobody in the world -- they do not have an ally in the world who wants them to go this direction. >> but the method of dealing with it? >> i think it's wait and see. nobody is being honest in terms of the way they are talking about what's planned. off the record people tell you different things about what america is prepared to do and what they believe israel plans to do.
7:17 am
the world is against iran. they are isolated an everybody expects israel to take the lead. >> the super bowl ad that features clint eastwood's voice for chrysler and the comeback of detroit. chrysler says it was a car commercial. a lot of people say it was in effect a campaign ad for president obama and even prap as payback for the auto bailout. what do you make of it? >> why would chrysler pay back now? do they want another bailout? they're fine. that logic escapes me. i think this is a "yay, america" ad. they are talking about economic recovery and jobs coming back and detroit coming back is a partisan statement then we are in a weird universe. "yay, america" is a nonpartisan statement or it at least ought to be seen that way. >> rachel, thank you. >> thanks, matt. >> catch rachel 9:00 p.m. weekdays on msnbc. here's ann. >> the new york giants will be celebrating the super bowl
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victory today with a ticker tape parade in new york city. this as supermodel giselle bundchen is taking heat for a post game remark aimed at some of her husband tom brady's teammates. savannah, good morning. >> as if tom brady didn't have enough reason to be disappointed now some folks are taking jabs at his wife for being a little too vocal. moments after losing super bowl xlvi to the new york giants. >> they put a lot of pressure on us. we came up a little bit short. >> reporter: a deeply disappointed tom brady was comforted by his supermodel wife. last week gisele called on friends and family to pray for her husband who she calls tommy. but the prayers weren't enough. as she exited the stadium another side of her was caught on tape by a giants fan heckled the beauty and she shot back.
7:19 am
defending her husband while placing blame on his teammates saying she couldn't believe the receivers dropped the ball so many times. >> it's not what you would expect to happen with a high profile figure like brady, especially considering his wife is a supermodel and she knows what it's like to be in the public eye. you're supposed to be a support group, not someone shouting statements. >> reporter: the glamorous couple who have a son together began dating in 2006. some say she's transformed the nfl store from his high fashion wardrobe to his ever changing hair styles. brady is a regular fixture in fashion magazines. outside the fashion world brady's fans are concerned with the gridiron more than the flat iron and the boston sports world has been speculating about a gisele jinx for years. >> here's the thing for boston. they care about only one thing -- winning.
7:20 am
they know since gisele has been with brady he hasn't won a super bowl. >> reporter: speculation that began in 2008, the last time the patriots faced the giants and lost. gisele was in a sky box looking less than interested sipping red wine, not beer -- a no-no among sports fans. the boston herald called it the curse of the baby-no. >> you deal with a problem in the locker room, with your coach, with your teammates. there is a code among players and teams. you keep it in house. >> reporter: a code that now has to be extended to supermodels. well, we reached out to gisele bundchen but she had no further comment on her remark. >> she told you to bleep off. >> she was defending her man. >> no, you know what? the only thing the hecklers want to do is get under someone's skin. the one thing you can't allow them to do is let them under
7:21 am
your skin. >> and throw other players under the bus. >> especially the team bus. >> we have more coming up. first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ like the deluxe edition of "home" by dierks bentley, featuring the #1 hit "am i the only one" and "home", plus two exclusive bonus tracks.
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just ahead, disturbing details on what police say happened in josh powell's home moments before he lit it on fire killing himself and his two young sons. >> we'll talk to the little boys' grandparents after your local news. spent their whole careers here. [ charlie ] we're the heartbeat of this place, the people on the line. we take pride in what we do. when that refrigerator ships out the door, it's us that work out here. [ michael ] we're on the forefront of revitalizing manufacturing. we're proving that it can be done here, and it can be done well. [ ilona ] i come to ge after the plant i was working at closed after 33 years. ge's giving me the chance to start back over. [ cindy ] there's construction workers everywhere. so what does that mean? it means work. it means work for more people.
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good morning. it is 7:26 this tuesday. 7th of february. i'm joe krebs. beautiful start to the day out there but not necessarily in the roads. danella has what's going on out there. good morning. >> good morning. traveling in virginia, couple of accidents slowing you down. south glebe road at 2nd street south, all your lanes are blocked by the crash there. chopper 4 is live over 395. traveling northbound at duke. have an accident multivehicle crash was blocking the entire roadway. crews have cleared it to the right side of the roadway and the left side. you are able to pass single file in the center lane but delays are significant. very slow at edsall and these cars are hardly moving as they continue northbound. joe, back to you. >> thanks very much.
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we may soon see a
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[ male announcer ] technology accelerates at a relentless pace. anything not moving forward is moving backward. [ tires screech ] [ engine turns over, tires squeal ] introducing the 2013 gs. with the lexus enform app suite, the most connected information and communication technology available in an automobile. [ tires screeching ] the all-new 2013 lexus gs. there's no going back. good morning. sun is up and a clear sky. later today into the 50s. lots of sun, clouding tomorrow.
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might get wet snow north and west of washington. maybe a light coating on grassy areas. light rain possible tomorrow. highs low in mid 40s. sun back thursday and friday. highs in the 40s. joe? >> thank you, tom. another news update in 25
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7:30 now on a tuesday morning, february 7th, 2012. it is a beautiful start to the day here in new york city. hoping it is where you are as well as we look from the top of the rock south at the empire state building, one world trade center in the distance there. looking at the southern end of manhattan island where there will be a big parade for the world champion new york giant this is morning. and down on the plaza this morning, we have a great group of people. some of them may be headed to the parade later on today. we'll go outside and say hi to them in a little while. meantime inside studio 1a i'm matt lauer alongside ann curry.
7:31 am
ahead, mysterious ticks in a town. >> we'll have the results of testing and tell you why one doctor believes social media websites could be adding to the problem. >> a lot of talk in the last year about the tiger mom and her tough love style of parenting. how about the french style of parenting? they are known for fashion and food but the author of a new book says they also have this whole parenting thing figured out from getting babies to sleep through the night to getting toddlers to eat their vegetables. coming up, she makes a case for parenting, the french way. >> we begin with troubling new details in the double murder-suicide of josh powell and his two young sons. we should warn you these details are disturbing. we will talk to susan powell's parents in a moment, but first nbc's miguel almaguer joins us from washington with the latest on the story. miguel, good morning. >> reporter: ann, good morning. police are working to retrace josh powell's steps in the days
7:32 am
leading up to the fire. they say when a social worker brought his kids here he certainly had a plan -- to kill his children. the house went up in flames moments after powell's two young sons arrived with a social worker for their scheduled visit. a neighbor captured the aftermath in this home video. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: firefighters put out the blaze but had no chance to save 7-year-old charlie and 5-year-old braden, the powells' young boys. >> we believe this was intentionally planned. it looks like there was accelerants used. >> reporter: police say powell opened the front door, let the boys inside and blocked the social worker from entering, slamming the door in her face. she called the supervisor, said she smelled gas in the home. moments later an intense, fast-burning fire raged. >> it was definitely a gas boom. >> reporter: neighbors didn't know josh powell was living here. >> why couldn't he just do that to himself, you know?
7:33 am
why would he have to take those babies with him? >> reporter: in september powell lost custody of his sons a month after arrest of his father steven on charges of voyeurism and child pornography. in steven's home they also found illicit pictures of susan cox powell, photos taken years earlier without her knowledge. >> i am a fit and qualified father. i have had nothing to do with any kind of illegal pornography. >> reporter: despite powell's emotional appeal to a judge the boys were placed in the care of his missing wife's parents -- chuck and judy cox. too distraught to be interviewed sunday in a statement they said words cannot adequately express the grief. first susan and now charlie and braden. josh powell always denied any involvement in his wife's disappearance. utah police called him a person of interest but never charged him with a crime.
7:34 am
susan cox powell vanished in december 2009, the same night josh told police he took his boys on a late night camping trip in freezing temperatures. her body has never been found. >> i could never hurt susan or my sons. >> reporter: according to police, powell did exactly that, killing his children -- two innocent boys whose short lives had already been filled with incredible loss. >> this was something evil. this was not a tragedy. this was a horrible murder of two little kids. >> reporter: and police say this murder-suicide was certainly well planned out. they say they found a hatchet on the scene, that it appeared josh powell injured his boys first before they ultimately died of smoke inhalation. they say they found ten gallons of gasoline in the home used to fuel the fire and powell sent out several e-mails, not only to family members but to a pastor to take care of some loose ends
7:35 am
he apparently had left behind. ann? >> miguel almaguer, thank you. susan powell's parents, chuck and judy cox, now joining frus seattle. good morning to you both. we are so, so sorry about this news. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> i want to first give you a chance to say whatever you wish about your grandsons, charlie and braden. what can you tell us about them? >> it was great to have them with us. they were becoming more and more happy and more just loving children. we're missing them. >> i understand they were becoming more playful and they were becoming more talkative. what were they revealing about the night that your daughter, susan, their mother, disappeared. judy? >> they basically kept saying how they went on a vacation in
7:36 am
the desert camping and mommy and daddy, they stopped at some place and mommy and daddy left and then only daddy came back. >> there was some discussion about mommy being in the trunk of the car. is that right? >> yes. >> that was based on a picture drawn by braden at preschool. he drew a picture of the minivan. the day care providers asked him who the people were. he said that was his daddy, charlie and himself and that mommy was in the trunk. >> you had feared, chuck, that josh could hurt the boys. did you fear more for them and their safety when these details started to emerge and also after josh lost custody? >> we felt that they were safe as long as they were with us,
7:37 am
but we were concerned about the visitation. i was concerned about how this first visitation would go, especially after he had lost custody for six months. >> you were also concerned there was just one supervisor. is that right? >> oh, absolutely. we knew if he was cornered and felt like there was no way out that he was capable of this. we had made that known to the police, all of law enforcement involved in social health services and things. they were aware of our concerns. i don't know. that's the way it went was that one person was all they had. he had several visitations before with no problems. so i can understand why they would think they were okay. but we knew what he was capable of. >> not much time has passed. i want to ask you, judy, do you
7:38 am
think the lives of your grandchildren were taken because of this custody issue or because josh may have felt they were revealing too much about what happened to your daughter? >> i think both. he was feeling cornered. it was basically -- he didn't like us and he just wanted to get the kids away from us so much. it really bothered him that the boys were showing such affection to chuck and there are pictures of that. but i think it was both. >> given what you have been feeling and your warning to authorities about josh, do you think they should have, could have done something more to protect these young boys? >> i don't think the visitation should take place in their home,
7:39 am
but i understand they have a lot of people and they deal with a lot of people that exaggerate the threat or cry wolf of, if you will. when we get lumped into the mass of people they have to deal with. but this was such an extraordinary circumstance that we felt they should have taken more care. >> that morning when the social worker came to pick up the boys, judy, how did the boys seem to you? did they want to go? >> no. they didn't want to go. they were having fun playing with their cousin patrick who is 2 years old. they didn't want to go see their dad. i was kind of surprised because sometimes they really looked forward to it. keep asking what day it is. but it was definitely, "i don't want to go" and i know because of the laws they had to go.
7:40 am
and i really didn't want them -- the way -- you know -- didn't want to go. >> and so that must be difficult to know they had to go when they didn't want to go, judy. >> yeah. i just feel a part of me and i wish i could have argued, but i knew. >> just makes you wonder should you have told them, okay, you don't have to go. it would have been different obviously. >> what's remarkable listening to the two of you and you have been remarkable every time we have talked to you is how strong you have been. how really strong and generous you have been. what has given you peace? what has allowed you to be strong through all of this. >> our faith. >> we know where our daughter is. we know that she's not here on
7:41 am
this earth and that she's safe. we know that the boys are now back with their mother and that gives us a lot of strength -- our faith does. >> well, i know everyone listening sends you their deepest condolences. chuck and judy cox, thank you so much for speaking to us. >> thank you, ann. >> okay. a programming note that "dateline nbc" will have more on this tragic story friday night at 10:00/9:00 central time here on nbc. now a check of the weather from al. >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by kay jewelers. every kiss begins with kay. >> as we get started on our weather, we'll take a look at what's going to be going on today around temperatures. we are looking at teens and 20s in new en in new england. teens and 20s as you get into the plains. only warm spot will be down in southern florida but will be looking at rain. temperatures in the 80s today. as you can see we have showers
7:42 am
and thunderstorms. heavy rain with strong winds. along the mid california coast into southern california. clouds in the pacific northwest. plenty of sunshine making its way through the plains on into the great lakes. light snow moves across the southern great lakes from chicago. that's what's going on around the country. hear's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> sun is up and a clear sky. tom kierein storm 4. in morning plenty of sun and temperatures are near or below freezing in parts of virginia and maryland and west virginia. and later today, we will climb, though, to the low and mid 50s during the afternoon and clouding up tonight. cloudy tomorrow and chilly. maybe some wet snow just north and west of washington. and light accumulation on grassy areas. sun back, thursday and friday. highs in the 40s. for your weather 24/7 check out the weather channel on cable or online. ann? >> all right, al. thank you. coming up next, why one doctor says social media sites like youtube could be spreading that mysterious outbreak of
7:43 am
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back now at 7:45 with the latest on a strange condition affecting people in an upstate new york town. there is an interesting new theory on why the cases could be spreading. amy robach has details on that. good morning. >> as we have been reporting more than a dozen girls at leroy high school say they have verbal ticks and outbursts. one expert says the condition could be fuelled by social media like facebook and youtube. this as angry parents confront school administrators demanding more information. >> no, no. i'm done listening to you. you guys need to do something. [ applause ] >> reporter: hundreds of parents showed up to a community meeting over the high school. they want to know what school administrators are doing to make sure students are safe. >> it is not safe. why is this?
7:47 am
you need to prove to us that it is safe to put our children in this school. you are not doing your job. you are not doing your job at all. [ applause ] >> reporter: since last october, more than a dozen young women from the school say they have developed an illness similar to tourette's syndrome. nbc news talked to several teens, some with symptoms so severe they had to pull out of school. >> i was always so -- i was always so active and everybody was always happy to be around me. i don't feel like myself anymore. >> i feel like people look at me and judge me. >> reporter: some doctors who examined the students say they have a psychiatric condition known as conversion disorder, formerly known as mass hysteria. >> i started this twitching. >> reporter: now other teens are posting videos of themselves on facebook, youtube and other websites claiming they have symptoms. a doctor who has examined a one of the girls in leroy believes
7:48 am
social media could be an influence. >> if you are a person who is vulnerable in some way because of your own stresses and anxieties, i think there is a potential for that to create further potential spread beyond the area that was initially involved. >> reporter: as the leroy teens continue to get treatment the school district insists there is no health risk to other students. saturday administrators showed parents a new report by the new york state health department which found no infectious or environmental cause of the illness. >> we did water testing. we did air testing. you just heard the report that those reports were negative. >> reporter: now the school has hired an outside company to review all the previous testing. also pending, results of another investigation, this one by a team of environmental activists headed up by erin brockovich. investigators who work with her are studying soil samples to see
7:49 am
if the illness could be related to a train derailment and chemical spill near the school more than 40 years ago. the environmental protection agency insists the accident is not related. back at the school, parents just aren't satisfied. >> this is going to take years. we want to know now what's going on. >> the school district wants to assure parents that students are safe. they have posted a statement on the website saying, quote, the health, safety and well-being of all students is the number one priority. matt? >> all right, thank you very much. 7:49 now. still ahead, we're going to catch up with ryan reynolds and talk about his new thriller called "safehouse" costarring denzel washington. first, these messages. a! isn't major medical enough? huh! no! who's gonna help cover the holes in their plans? aflac! quack! like medical bills they don't pay for? aflac!
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7:56 am
good morning. i'm joe krebs at 7:56. let's get a quick check of the traffic with danella. >> if you are traveling south glebe road at 2nd street south your lanes are all blocked by the zend zept there. also, if you are traveling northbound 395 at duke, this crash is blocking all your lanes and moved to the shoulder lane. still seeing delays at edsall. joe, over to you. >> danella, thanks very much. we will take a break and look at our forecast
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
good morning. tom kierein in storm center 4. a clear, cold, blue sky. live view from the sky watcher camera this tuesday morning. sun is up. long shadows of february through the woods. and temperatures around the region are cold in the suburbs and rural areas. many locations right near freezing and a little bit below. 44 at reagan national. south and east of washington. most areas above freezing. later today into the 50s with shine and cloudy tomorrow. could get a little light wet snow on grassy areas north and west of the metro area. and maybe a light coating on grassy areas there. elsewhere some light rain tomorrow. then sun back on thursday and friday with highs in the 40s. and a cold weekend to follow. joe? >> thanks very much. we will
8:00 am
8:00 now on a tuesday morning, the 7th day of february 2012. a lot of nice people outside with us. by the way, it is just one week until valentine's day! so a lot of us have to get our shopping started for our sweethearts after we visit here in rockefeller plaza. i'm ann curry along with al roker and matt lauer. we always talk about ways to raise our kids. this morning we'll look at a new way a lot of us haven't thought about proposed in a book by an american woman living in france who's discovered that french children don't misbehave. they sleep through the night after two months and, p.s., they
8:01 am
eat things like camembert. how does that happen? >> so there are no french children who misbehave? >> nope. >> i think not. >> in the entire country? >> i think there are probably bad moment bus the argument is they are more likely in a restaurant not to flip out like our kids do. >> like pepe le peu. >> and ryan reynolds is starring in a brand new action thriller opposite denzel washington. this one is called "safehouse." it will get your blood moving from the opening sequence. we'll talk to ryan about it in a couple of minutes. >> that had to hurt. >> yes. another note, are you worried about your teen's college education, how to pay for it? we have a list of some of the top value colleges out there for you. >> good. all right. before we get to that let's get a check of the top stories from natalie at the news desk.
8:02 am
>> good morning, everyone. republican presidential candidate rick santorum hopes for a boost today from contests in colorado, minnesota, and missouri. santorum has portrayed himself as the conservative choice in those states. mitt romney has been stressing his own conservative social values. in a radio interview he supported the susan g. komen's decision to strip funding from planned parenthood. the decision was reversed. more than 40 states signed on to a national settlement over foreclosure abuses. officials say two of the biggest holdouts, new york and california, moved closer monday to backing the deal. the settlement would force the nation's five largest mortgage lenders to reduce loans for about one million households. the los angeles schools are replacing the entire staff at a school where two teachers were arrested last week for allegedly committing lewd acts with students. the move is designed to reassure outraged parents.
8:03 am
many have kept their children home since the scandal broke. the obama administration is facing backlash over the requirement that catholic hospitals, schools and charities provide birth control coverage in health insurance plans. the administration says the church should not be allowed to impose beliefs on non-catholic employees, but critics, including new york archbishop timothy dolan, says they are forcing churches and hospitals to violate teachings against birth control. a horrifying accident in michigan wasn't as bad as it turns out. you see a motorcycle rider hit a guide wire and plunged 25 feet to the ground. he suffered a broken leg, arm and shoulder but plans to resume the career declaring it's all i do. now for a look at what's trending today, a quick round-up of what has you talking online. randy travis is a top search after his drunk driving arrest monday near a north texas
8:04 am
church. his hits include "forever and ever amen" apologized for overdoing it after the super bowl. and a story we brought you earlier has the internet in a frenzy. supermodel gisele bundchen caught on tape blaming tom brady's teammates for the super bowl loss. my husband cannot [ bleep ] throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. >> and fans are googling katharine mcphee and other stars of "smash" which premiered last night on nbc. it follows the behind-the-scenes creation of a broadway show about marilyn monroe. it's now 8:04. now back outside to al with a check of the weather. >> thank you, natalie. we have a birthday girl here. what's your name? >> julia. >> how old are you today? >> 11. >> all right. >> she's very excited! >> where are you from? >> long island. >> all the way from long island.
8:05 am
the trip took it out of you. happy birthday. let's see what's happening for your day. our pick city is here hey, our pick city is in new york. 11 cloak a.m., super bowl parade. 45, winds, northwest of 12. ticker tape will be blowing around. breezy winds and 2:00 sunny. 49 degrees. and as you can see we have a big system coming in to california and bringing a lot of rain there. rain in southern florida. we have also got a clipper coming across and bringing snow across the southern great lakes. light snow for chicago and some heavier snow as you get into the central plains. again, nothing all that horrible. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> clear, cold blue sky on this tuesday morning. good morning, tom kierein storm center 4. live view from sky watcher camera looking into arlington and fairfax counties. right now all around the region we have that clear sky and temperatures few locations in maryland and virginia, west virginia, or at or a little bit below freezing. reagan national is in the mid 40s now and right near the bay. low 40s later today into the 50s
8:06 am
with sunshine. might get wet snow north and west of washington tomorrow. maybe a light coating on grassy areas. light rain elsewhere. dry af that's your latest weather. now back to matt lauer with a birthday girl. >> happy birthday right here. when we come back, do the french have the answer to raising happier, healthier kids? we'll talk about it after these messages. we wanted to come as much as they did. (girl) it's really hogwarts! because i can fly with harry! because i love seeing him like this! (screaming) ahhhhh! (narrator) from unforgettable adventures to the wizarding world of harry potter, only at universal orlando resort. are made with sweet cherries and the crisp, clean taste of our cranberries. i cannot tell a lie. 'tis tasty. okay, george washington,
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8:09 am
>> announcer: today's moms is brought to you by crest 3d white. >> back now at 8:09. this morning on today's moms, parenting the french way. can't get your kids to eat vegetables or go to sleep on time or behave in a restaurant? maybe it's time to take a family trip to paris. nbc's stephanie gosk explains. >> reporter: high fashion, great food, award winning wines. what we have grown to expect from france. but american pamela drukerman who lives there with her husband and children believes she may have stumbled upon a new export -- good parenting. french children, she says, are for the most part very well behaved. patient, polite, good eaters. i
8:10 am
restaurant as she struggled with an unruly toddler. >> i realized the french parents were having a very different experience from us. >> it's the whole idea of parenting. you have a firm frame. certain rules are fixed and firm. but inside the frame you have total freedom. >> reporter: it's a theory she's tested on her own children including leyla, the once unruly toddler. >> how do i say i want a piece of cake? >> reporter: leyla translates into french but what she says is "can i please have a piece of cake." turns out i'm rude. at the lunch table we are impressed again. the kids are eating their broccoli. actually, it seems almost loving their broccoli. >> you have to get kids to taste food many times. >> reporter: sit them down, force them to eat the broccoli?
8:11 am
>> no. no, no. that's not sustainable. that's very unpleasant for everyone. the idea is to get the child to gradually appreciate all different foods. >> reporter: and it seems to work. look what they did to this cheese. >> camembert! >> reporter: but they are still normal kids. do you prefer cheese or cake? >> cake! >> reporter: cake, hey? i'm in your camp. that is part of the secret. the rules aren't supposed to steal childhood. they are just supposed to make the growing-up process easier for parents and children alike. we found the theory echoed in the benoit family household. >> sometimes i don't really like to eat carrots, but the rest i eat. >> i want them to become balanced adults. you know, behave normally in
8:12 am
society. >> reporter: it's a goal most parents, no matter what country they are from, probably share. drukerman believes the french have figured out how to achieve it. stephanie gosk, nbc news, paris. >> pamela joins us. she's the author of "bringing up bebe." she's also the mother of three children as we saw in the piece. good morning. >> reporter: -- >> good morning. >> you talk about the frame. in america we teach kids the magic words of please and thank you. you say in france there are four magic words. please, thank you, hello and good-bye. >> yes. hello, in particular. bonjour is -- french parents are religious about making their kids greet adults partly to be adult. partly french parents told me to rescue children from their own natural selfishness, to realize other people are in the world with needs as well. >> and good-bye is also about
8:13 am
good manners. in terms of establishing the frame you write, i'm now convinced the secret to why french kids rarely whine or collapse into tantrums or do so less than american kids is that they develop the internal resources to cope with frustration. they don't expect to get what they want instantly. how did that happen? >> it's a long apprenticeship. parents don't think they are landed with a kid who's patient or not. they see it as a skill you teach your children all the time. with interrupting for example. i assume my kids interrupt me. a french mother would say sweetly, i'm speaking to someone now. i will be with you in a minute. it's said in a loving way and sometimes the kids keep talking but it's a long-term process. >> this is something that happens moment to moment. i told my kids -- i started quoting mick jagger, you can't always get what you want but it
8:14 am
didn't work. you say every moment when there is bad behavior there is a calm, wait, calm down, it's going to be okay. i will get to you answer. >> yes. it's a balance between being very strict about key things and also giving kids freedom, respect and trusting them. for example, at bedtime, lots of french parents tell their kids, you must stay in your room. inside your room you can do whatever you want. my kids don't focus on the restriction. they focus on the freedom. they know what the rules are. the french parents let a lot of other things go. >> that's interesting. the next point when it comes to sleeping. i may take issue with you. i don't believe it. you say in france babies learn to sleep through the night from 2 months on. come on! >> i didn't believe it. i kept meeting more and more of them. that's the norm in france. >> how do they do that? >> i think it's a basic
8:15 am
difference in the way they think about babies. the french think they are small, vulnerable and need our love but they also think they are rational and can learn. they think parents can teach a baby how to sleep at night. they don't let little babies cry it out in the american way we talk about. even very young babies cry at night they wait a little bit. they watch and wait. they wait to see if the baby can learn to connect the sleep cycles or if he's just making noise while sleeping. they pick him up, they are loving and warm but they give the baby a chance to learn. >> that's their motivation, clearly. that changes how the baby is responding. there is far more in the book than we can get to. this is illuminating. pamela, thank you so much this morning. again, the book is "bringing up bebe." for an excerpt go to up next, we have ryan
8:16 am
reynolds in the house. we'll catch up with him. ♪ bad to the bone >> hey, listen to that music, ryan. pretty good. but my smile wasn't. [ female announcer ] new crest 3d white intensive professional effects whitestrips. it goes below the enamel surface to whiten as well as a five-hundred dollar professional treatment for a transformation that's hard to believe. ♪ wow, that's you? [ female announcer ] new intensive professional effects whitestrips. and try 3d white toothpaste and rinse. from crest. life opens up when you do.
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available on the reinvented 2012 camry. from toyota. ♪ we are back with the star of the new action thriller "safehouse" ryan reynolds plays a cia case worker in south africa. a sleepy post until a rogue agent played by denzel washington shows up and tries to mess with his mind. take a look. >> does she know what you do for a living -- the girl on the phone? it was a girl, wasn't it? maybe it was a guy. i don't know. i don't judge. you can't expect to have a real relationship in our line of work, matthew. >> they said they would kill me to get to you. >> after a while even the truth sounds like a lie. >> you have something they want. what is it? >> who is it? >> don't worry about her. >> oh, it is a her.
8:20 am
>> ryan reynolds, welcome back. >> thank uh you. >> this is the second time you have done this to me. you were here for "the change up." i thought it was a baseball movie so i took my kids. >> terrific. >> this one "safehouse" sounds safe for kids, too, right? >> no, no. this is smoking ocular cavities. >> this is a thrill ride. from the moment it starts it takes you on a wild cat and mouse game ride. >> it's intense. i never like it when i see movies i'm in but now i know where it came from "the edge of your seat." it was unbelievable. >> you play this case worker for the cia. but he's seeing no action whatsoever. >> zero. >> he's bouncing tennis balls against the wall. here comes denzel washington. why does he create such havoc? >> i play a cia house keeper that works in a safehouse. they are operated all over the
8:21 am
world and are used for visiting agents or interrogations. denzel is brought in for interinvestigatiinte interrogation. the people who brought him there are killed and i'm left alone with him. >> what works well in the movie is that you're both so perfect for the roles. he's so intense. with e know it from his previous movies. you bring to it a sense of innocence which is perfect for the character at this stage in his career. >> he's in over his head in every way, shape and form. he's never seen anything like this. >> what's it like to act opposite the intensity of denzel washington? >> it gives you sunburn. it's like being in acting school. it's incredible to work with somebody like that. he's a legend. one of the best living, working actors we have today. just to be around it is a learning experience. i loved working with him. >> there is a lot of physicality to the role. you are now the only guy ever to
8:22 am
give denzel a black eye during filming. it was an accident? >> it's like prison. you have to hit the biggest guy on the first day as hard as you can. make a statement for the crew. let them know i mean business. we were shooting a car chase scene and cape town figures heavily because it's where the movie is set. they let you get away with more than stunts. the car chases, one is unbelievable in particular. they're showing it now. we're going 80 miles per hour on a side street. somehow -- >> this isn't on a back lot. you're driving a car. >> really driving a car. somehow denzel's head came in contact with mine. i looked back and there he was with a golf ball-sized egg on his face. >> how did he take it? >> i thought he was going to turn me into a liquid.
8:23 am
should i pack my bags? >> he seems like he'd break your jaw later in the film and say, oops, that was an accident, too. >> he took it all right. he gave me a look like, you can't believe you just gave denzel washington a black eye. that was about the look i had. >> sexiest man alive, 2010, 2011 and you missed the threepeat by this much. >> i'm hitting brown university next week. >> little more intellectual stuff. >> you retire the sash and talk about your experiences. an evening with ryan. >> you have a sash? >> of course. >> this one is wild. ryan reynolds, good to have you here. >> it's from our sister company universal pictures and it opens on friday. ke denzel will be here tomorrow morning. mr. washington. now here's ann. >> matt, now to a true dare
8:24 am
devil. felix baumgarte ner is the first person to cross the english channel on a carbon wing and base jump from the hand of the christ the redeemer statue in rio de janeiro. he's here to talk about his next daring free fall. >> good morning. >> you want to break the record for the free fall from the highest altitude, be the first person to break the speed of sound record and have the longest free fall all at once. how do you plan to do that? >> we have been working on this almost five years ago. it's an ongoing project. we have been testing a lot. we have been developing a lot. we have one of the best, top of the field working for us. and the guy who did sky dives in the '60s from 2,000 feet. he's a hell of a character and i'm honored to work with him. >> you're trying to jump, as i understand it, from the edge of
8:25 am
space. you have a very special suit that you have to wear. why do you have to wear the suit? how does it protect you in. >> you need the pressure suit because if you go above 65,000 feet your blood will start boiling. that's to provide you with oxygen, protect you from the cold temperatures. we are facing minus 7 degrees fahrenheit so we need that suit. >> why do you want to do this, felix? this sounds incredibly dangerous. >> well, i like the challenge. i like to work on projects where i have to start by scratch. i like to explore things. we also contribute data for future space exploration to make them safer. >> i hope in addition you have fun doing it. >> well, it's not so much fun while you're doing it because you're going up 220,000 feet which is a hostile environment. your blood will start boiling if
8:26 am
your suit fails. >> we'll be right back. thank you so much. 8:26 is your time now on this tuesday, february 7, 2012. good morning. i'm eun yang. a bus fire is causing delays in montgomery county. let's go straight to danella for that. >> this was shot earlier by a viewer and sent in to us. this is as you are traveling northbound as you approach new hampshire avenue right. a ride-on bus was on fire. you can head to the map and the fire is out but right now the crews are still working to clear the accident. all of your northbound lanes are blocked. a work around for you. this is your commute this morning. make a lift on lockwood drive and another left on new hampshire avenue. a right back on to 29 and continue your trip northbound.
8:27 am
>> danella, thank you. a quick
8:28 am
good morning. the mid 30s. suburbs rural areas, low to mid 30s. sunny today and highs in the 50s. cloudy tomorrow. light snow north and west of washington. perhaps light coating on grassy areas. middle of the day during the
8:29 am
afternoon. little light rain elsewhere. highs mid 40s. sunshine for thursday, friday, highs 40s p and a cold weekend to follow. saturday and sunday highs only in the 30s. >> tom, thank you. >[ narrator ] from the creators of despicable me... what i want more than anything is a real tree. [ narrator ] and the incredible imagination of dr. seuss... comes the lorax. hey. [ gasps ] [ narrator ] it's the eye popping... aah! [ narrator ] jaw dropping... aah! aah! oww. [ narrator ] high flying... whaaaaaaaaaa the! [ narrator ] heart stopping... clear! aawwww... [ narrator ] event of the year. who invited the furry peanut? i'll go right up your nose! whoa, you wouldn't hit a woman. oh! that's a woman?! [ narrator ] dr. seuss' the lorax. [ danny ] in real d and imax tree-d. [ narrator ] rated pg.
8:30 am
we're back now. 8:30 on a tuesday morning, february 7, 2012. it's a pretty morning in the northeast with a lot of birthdays to celebrate on the plaza. we thank them for stopping by, spending time with us. i'm matt lauer along with ann curry, natalie morales and al roker. in studio now is one of the hottest acts in country music.
8:31 am
dierks bentley will be putting on a show for us inside in a little while. >> that's right. also coming up this morning we'll be talking about what we can do if you're one of those people who basically worries about being able to pay for college tuition for your kids. we have advice for you because this morning we'll be revealing princeton review's new list of the best value schools in the country. >> and to help you save some money we have michael la monico up in the kitchen. you think chicken parts is parts. michael says, no, think about the whole chicken if you want to save money and make a tasty meal. >> are you tired all the time? it may have to do with more than lack of sleep. coming up, how it could be a sign of a more serious medical condition. we'll talk about that with some experts. >> mr. roker, how about a check of the weather? >> you don't have a coat on. >> it's nice out. >> going to get even better in the northeast. temperatur low 50s.
8:32 am
we have showers along the mid lapt states. some light snow moving across the central plains and into the upper midwest. heavy rain. southern california and into e california/oregon with fog. rain into the pacific northwest. light snow comes across the mid atlantic just clipping the northeast. look for plenty of shine but chilly conditions, plains back into texas. that's what's ghoeg on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. clear and cold start not getting above freezing much of the region. upper 30s to near 40 degrees around washington. and the nearby suburbs. and later today, we will climb into the 50s with sunshine and cloudy and chilly tomorrow. might get wet snow north and west of washington. maybe a lighter coating on grassy areas. elsewhere light rain. then sun back on thursday and into friday. highs in the 40s. looks like a cold weekend coming up. saturday and sunday highs only in the 30s. morning don't forget. you can get your weather any time day or night on the weather channel on table or
8:33 am
online. get your weather any time, day or night on weather channel on cable or online. my producer said we could do it twice because we had so much time. >> coming up, best values in colleges in the u.s.
8:34 am
8:35 am
back now at 8:35. this morning on education nation today, choosing the best college for the right price. financial aid season kicks off this week, just in time the princeton review is out with the analyst of the top 150 colleges that offer the best value. rob franik is the senior vice president of princeton review and the author of "the best value colleges." welcome back. >> thank you very much for having me. >> let's start with the bad news. we'll talk about prices of public colleges which have gone up 6% from last year. private colleges have gone up 4%
8:36 am
in one year. with these prices going up what's happening now? what's the response in terms of financial aid and scholarships? >> there is a huge response. we have been surveying students and parents and 86% of them said financial aid was going to be very or extremely necessary for them to afford school. $170 billion out there for aid but we tried to do the homework for students at for the list this year. >> let's talk about the list. what value we can get from the schools. you break them apart between public and private. let's look at public schools. number three on the list is a new college in florida in sarasota. >> it's a wonderful school. small school with 800 students but it is the official honors college for the state of florida system. it's a value but a great financial aid value as well. $14,000 in state tuition. $10,000 average gift aid.
8:37 am
you don't have to pay it back. >> forgive me. $14,000 minus $10,000 or you still pay the $14,000. >> $14,000 is the sticker price, so it comes down to $4,000. >> in charlesville, virginia. >> 14,000 students, a power house academically. when we think of the average sticker price, $16,700 for the average kid. bringing it down to $3,800 to attend. >> you're saying the quality of education is high at the schools. >> absolutely. that's what we focus on at princeton review. usa today focusing on the academic value and financial aid as well. >> you look at the experience level of the teachers? >> we look at the average freshman profile. s.a.t., a.c.t. scores, gpa,
8:38 am
graduating in the top 10 or 20% of the class and do they value the experience? are their professors good teachers. >> and number one, university of north carolina chapel hill. >> a usual suspect on the list. 18,000 students. it's hard to get into. once you are in whether in state or out of state you don't have to take out dollar one in loans. >> now private schools. number three is princeton university. hard to get into. why is it a good value? >> princeton is a pioneer in financial aid. they were the first u.s. school to say don't take out loans to pay for college. they were there with the financial wherewithal to do it. $49,000 sticker price, average aid $35,000 bringing it to a reasonable number for the average family. >> which may be another reason why only 9% of applicants get accepted there. number two on the list, swathmore college in
8:39 am
pennsylvania. also expensive. >> it is expensive. when we think of the average scientificer price and the average grant around $35,000 bringing it down to most public colleges and it's number one in the best value colleges, best financial aid list as a usual suspect. >> and number one on the list of private colleges that are great for the dollar is williams college in williamstown, massachusetts. why? >> fabulous school academically. it's only 2,000 students but $2 billion in overall college endowments. we think about the hefty sticker price of $54,000. average aid is almost $41,000 per student. fabulous school and a great financial aid value as well. >> before we go the financial aid forms are due soon. what's your best tip for filling wut own to get financial aid? >> absolutely. it's the free application for
8:40 am
federal student aid. when arnie duncan looked at it he said you need ph.d. to fill it out. take your time. you cannot crime for the fafta form. it's expensive to be wrong. >> good point. thank you so much. >> pleasure to be here. >> coming up next, the advantages of cooking with a whole chicken. we'll try some tasty recipes whole chicken. we'll try some tasty recipes with good advice.
8:41 am
whole chicken. we'll try some tasty recipes wthe middle class is shrinking. in this day and age you can only accomplish so much without a degree, and traditional institutions are simply not set up to accommodate people who have jobs and families. university of phoenix works for those people who have real lives and real demands. the degrees that we offer are things where people can fulfill their goals with even brighter hopes for the future. my name is katy white, i'm committed to making a difference in people's lives and i am a phoenix.
8:42 am
this morning on today's kitchen, what's for dinner? we're using a whole chicken to cook up great recipes. michael says it's less expensive, fresher and easy. he's from porterhouse new york here in manhattan. great to see you. always great to have you here. people buy parts because it's easy. >> and fast. if you buy whole chicken it's fresher because it hasn't
8:43 am
usually been sitting around. >> how much of a butcher do you have to be? >> whole chickens are easy, especially with poultry shears. all i'm doing with the whole chicken is i split and i'm going to take out the backbone. this comes right out. this is the chicken under a brick or the flattened or pressed chicken. all we do here is cut off the wing tips and remove this bone. >> that's the breastbone? >> exactly. >> mix the parsley with what? >> garlic, orange zest and lemon zest and olive oil to moisten. i'm taking out some of the rib bones. when you take out the rib bones it's very simple to cook the chicken. >> how far in advance do you marinate it? >> you can do it overnight. the marinade has red vinegar, white wine and olive oil.
8:44 am
overnight or an hour is fine. really all of this slips right under the skin. and the skin separates from the breast and then put it in here. i'm working with my hands. we'll clean up. >> that's fine. you do it in the skill let first and move to the oven. >> it works well. the skill let is what it's all about. the marinade is already premixed. olive oil, white wine and red vinegar. let me get cleaned up here. i have a nice wet one here. the chicken marinades overnight or for an hour or two. voer overnight is best for maximum flavor. >> the skill let is important. you like a good iron skill let. >> this is the right thing to cook in. it's going from the stove to the oven. >> skin side down. >> these are masonry bricks.
8:45 am
fresh, clean bricks. i cover them with foil. two bricks are fine. one would be fine. >> how long does it cook? >> ten minutes on the stove. in the oven for 20 minutes. flip it, take the bricks off and flip it. give it another five minutes or so. >> you want that dark crust on the skin. >> exactly. look at it. it's just beautiful when out's had a chance to really cook over like that. the skin is so crispy and it just comes apart beautifully. you can portion it just this way. >> looks great. all right. come on back and show me another recipe. >> well -- >> this is one of the first recipes you learned to make. >> my first job was in an italian-american restaurant. this is cobbler-style chicken. whole chicken. >> you can butcher it yourself. >> it's simple, economical and fresher. i love cooking chicken on the bone. >> little olive oil in there.
8:46 am
>> the wing bones, leg bones. we have fresh sausage. >> you're going to cook them together? >> all together. i will brown them all. >> is cooking times similar for both things? >> in 20 minutes this will be done. first we brown the chicken. then after we brown the chicken we take it out of the pan and we brown onions in the same pan with garlic. >> it's a one-pot dish. >> and we are going to put this all back in here. the chicken goes back in after it was browned with the sausage. >> what are we using for liquid there? >> we have chicken broth. put it right in there. white wine. and lemon juice. there's already garlic and onions in there. very flavorful. >> and herbs? >> herbs go at the end. we simmer it for 20 minutes. check the thigh to be sure it's fully cooked. really that's as simple as that. this is real italian american. >> here's what it looks like when finished. you serve it with gnocchi?
8:47 am
>> they're easy to make. cooks potatoes, peel them after i have cooked them so they don't get all waterlogged. potatoes, flour, eggs. it's a potato pasta. with prosciutto and green peas it's a great appetizer or a side dish. both chicken dishes, really the whole fresh chicken is the way to go. not only is it more economical but it's more flavorful to cook chicken on the bone than to buy chicken parts that have been sitting around for a couple days on the market. everyone's happy. i like legs and thighs. >> nice to see you, michael. up next, a live performance from country star dierks be bentley. [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices
8:48 am
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>> announcer: the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. >> we're back now at 8:49 with one of the hottest names in country music. dierks bentley has sold more than 5 million albums. he's set to add to the totals with "home." good morning to you. >> good morning, ann. >> is it true you have poured more of yourself, written more songs with this cd than any
8:50 am
other? >> i spent a year and a half making the record. went in the studio a couple times to get it right. we have been working on the sound for several years to get it locked in. put a lot of time into it. >> that's a reason this cd is special to you. another reason is that you're writing it, doing this while you're a father. >> yeah. >> you have a couple of kids at hom. how are they informing what you have done on the cd? >> question of fawe have a home so wherever we go feels like home. but with kids i have a real home. i'm not sleeping on a couch or a houseboat or anything. there's my daughter singing with me on tv a couple days ago. >> beautiful! >> it's special. >> that's beautiful. >> oh, man. i wasn't expecting that this early. >> you're about to perform the song "home." before you do, i want to ask you about the picture you tweeted out when you knew you had gotten nominated for an acm award for
8:51 am
"home." is that what you do when you're happy? what do you do when you're upset? >> that's my guitar player's guitar. i'm doing it. i wouldn't do it to my martin. i grabbed brian's and took his. i stopped short of smashing it. it's always good to be nominated for song of the year. "home" is a special song about bringing people together and being so divided. i was excited to be nominated for the award. sorry, brian, about your guitar. it was a cool moment. >> congratulations. i know the awards ceremony is in april. it's a real pleasure to have you here. can't wait to hear you perform "home." the performer is dierks bentley. >> thank you.
8:52 am
♪ west ♪ on a plane bound west ♪ i see her stretching out below ♪ ♪ land ♪ blessed motherland ♪ the place where i was born ♪ scars ♪ yeah, she's got her scars ♪ sometimes it starts to worry me ♪ ♪ cause lose ♪ i don't wanna lose sight of who we are ♪ ♪ from the mountains high ♪ to the wave-crashed coast ♪ there's a way to find better days i know ♪ ♪ it's been a long hard ride ♪ got a ways to go ♪ this is still the place that we all call home ♪
8:53 am
♪ free, nothing feels like free though it sometimes means we don't get along ♪ ♪ same no, we're not the same ♪ ♪ but that's what's makes us strong ♪ from the mountains high ♪ ♪ to the wave-crashed coast ♪ there's a way to find better days i know ♪ ♪ it's been a long hard ride ♪ got a ways to go ♪ this is still the place ♪ that we all call home ♪ whoa
8:54 am
♪ yeah ♪ brave ♪ got to call it brave to chase that dream across the sea ♪ ♪ names ♪ then they signed their names for something they believe ♪ ♪ red ♪ how the blood ran red ♪ and we laid our dead in sacred ground ♪ just think ♪ ♪ wonder what they'd think if they could see us now ♪ ♪ it's been a long hard ride ♪ got a ways to go ♪ but this is still the place that we all call home ♪ ♪ it's been a long hard ride
8:55 am
♪ and i won't lose hope ♪ this is still the place that we all call home ♪ ♪ whoa ♪ whoa >> the album is called "home." thank you so much. we'll be right back after these messages. en them. - and this has been happening since the accident? [piano music] - yeah. - your mind created an entire reality where your wife survived in one and your son in the other. - detective britten, the reality is that you can't tell whether you're asleep... - hannah! - or awake at this very moment. - yes, i see my wife when i close my eyes. i open them, and i see my son. the thing is, it all feels completely real to me.
8:56 am
- so, can we say this word on my new show? - oh, absolutely not. - well, what about this common euphemism for when a man loves a woman? - uh, that is not common, and it has nothing to do with love. - well, what if i was willing to do it to you? - um, i would need you to talk to hr. - i'm not into threesomes. - [laughs] i doubt that. oh. - are you there, chelsea? followhitney. part of nbc wednesday happy hour. it all starts 8:00/7:00 central on nbc. 8:56 is your time now on this tuesday, february 7, 2012. good morning. i'm eun yang. let's check in with storm 4 meteorologist tom kierein now for a look at your forecast for today. so far so good, tom. >> yeah. bright sun and blue sky. and temperatures right now as we approach 9:00, our into the 40s throughout much of the region. 47 at reagan national.
8:57 am
continuing to climb. ought to hit the mid and upper 50s during the afternoon. bit of a breeze out of the north and west. then tomorrow cloudy and chilly. highs only in the upper 30s and low, maybe briefly mid 40s and mid 40s south and east where there could be rain but north and west of washington tomorrow, light snow. maybe a light accumulation on grassy areas there. then sun back thursday, friday. >> tom, thank you. we will tak
8:58 am
8:59 am
bus fire northbound. colesville road. only the left lane gets by. follow police direction on the scene. traveling the beltway you are hitting the brakes just a bit at new hampshire avenue. but your travel speed gets much better as you head towards georgia avenue. and as you travel 33 miles per hour from i-95 to i-270 that trip will take you 17 minutes. back to you. >> danella, thank you. more news, weather
9:00 am
we are back with more of "today" on a tuesday morning, 7th day of february 2012. we're saluting these nice people who stuck around on a beautiful morning here in new york city. i'm matt lauer along with ann curry, al roker and savannah guthrie. coming up in this half hour, disturbing new details in the horrible story we have been talking about. josh powell, the father of two who set his house on fire, killing himself and his two young boys. >> that's right. of course he was considered for the disappearance of his wife susan. he's killed himself and his two young boys and police say it appears he was planning it for some time.
9:01 am
that he even took the kids' toys and donated it to charity. even before the boys were killed. so we'll have more details coming up. it's such a sad story. >> also ahead, we turn to health news f. you find yourself exhausted all the time it may not be just the wear and tear of daily life. it could be anemia, depression, diabetes. we'll examine some of the most common symptoms, common causes of exhaustion. >> coming up a little bit later on, joy bauer is here. valentine's day just around the corner. guess what. chocolate is, of course, the right thing to do if you want to stay healthy and have some treats for your sweetie. we'll transform your favorite comfort foods into healthier versions with a couple simple we can eat chocolate! i love that joy bauer. >> not a pound. >> oh.
9:02 am
>> and a certain kind. >> natalie has the headlines at the news desk. >> good morning, everyone. disturbing new details in the murder-suicide of josh powell and his two sons. nbc's miguel almaguer is in graham, washington, with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. police are working to retrace josh powell's steps in the days and hours before the fatal fire here. when a social worker brought his children here they say it was clear he wanted to kill his boys. when police removed the bodies of josh powell and his children, a hatchet was nearby. the boys suffered so-called chop wounds to the head and neck but the deaths they say were cause bid the fire. detectives believe powell used ten gallons of gasoline to soak the home in a care friday planned execution that included getting rid of the boys' toys. >> boxes of toys and books and donated them to goodwill over
9:03 am
the weekend. this was a deliberate, planned out event. >> reporter: investigators say powell sent out e-mails moments before igniting the fire. one to his lawyer reading only, i'm sorry, good-bye. another saying he couldn't live without his boys. among the last, a message to a pastor and family members. >> they dictate what to do with his money, certain aspects of his life. >> reporter: police say none of the e-mails mentioned susan. monday night utah detectives arrived at the crime scene, the same investigators who named josh a person of interest in susan's 2009 disappearance. >> the case is still active. we are not closing the case. >> reporter: the night susan vanished josh told police he took the boys camping in freezing conditions. susan was never seen again despite multiple searches for her body. now a lawyer says young braden recently began talking about the night they went camping when his mom vanished. >> charlie and braden were in
9:04 am
the back seat. their mother was in the trunk. the boys reported she and their father got out of the van, went for a walk and their mother got lost. >> reporter: after susan disappeared josh moved with the boys from utah to washington state. together they lived with josh's father steven powell but after steven was arrested on child pornography charges and voyeurism custody was awarded to susan's parents chuck and judy cox. in august josh powell told nbc news his boys were his life. >> some days i don't know how i get through the day. except for my sons. >> reporter: sunday charlie and braden said a final good-bye to their grandparents. a social worker was taking them to see their father. it was the last time chuck and judy cox would ever see the boys alive. >> they're innocent children that were killed by their father. they are back with their mother now. his act was a cowardly,
9:05 am
desperate act. >> reporter: utah detectives say they want to speak to josh powell's father steven powell. he's in jail awaiting charges on voyeurism and child pornography. they now call him, steven powell, a person of interest in susan's disappearance. last summer when we spoke to him, he denied involvement in her disappearance. natalie? >> miguel almaguer, thank you. earlier on "today" ann spoke with chuck and judy cox. they say the boys had only recently began to open up, telling them what they recalled about the night their mother disappeared. >> they basically kept saying how they went on a vacation in the desert camping and mommy and daddy, they stopped at some place and mommy and daddy left and then only daddy came back. >> there was some discussion about mommy being in the trunk of the car. is that right? >> yes. >> that was based on a picture
9:06 am
drawn by braden at preschool. he drew a picture of the minivan. the day care providers asked him who the people were. he said that was his daddy, charlie and himself and that mommy was in the trunk. >> chuck and judy cox said they had begun to fear that josh could turn violent against the boys in one of the scheduled visits and made their concerns known to police. mortars raining down on homs, syria, as international pressure increases to stop the crack down. the russian foreign minister is in damascus this morning, one day after the u.s. closed the embassy there and the uk, france and belgium pulled their diplomats out. how's this for a moving tribute? a film maker spent 382 days living on a bicycle to honor his father, a dedicated cyclist who
9:07 am
logged more than 75,000 miles in his lifetime. he rode all over montreal proving even the most extraordinary tasks can be extraordinary on two wheels. spectacular. it's seven minutes past the hour. now outside to al with a check of the weather. >> amazing he wasn't too tired. sorry. >> you're clearly too tired. >> not tired enough to do that joke. we have nice folks out here. where are you from? >> new jersey. >> going to the parade? >> yes, sir. heading out to met life stadium afterwards. >> say hi to the giants for me. what's going on as far as your day. hey, it has been dry out in california. almost 3 inches below normal rainfall. 7 1/3 inches for san francisco. good news, they are going to get rain today. stretching from the oregon/california border tall way down to san diego. rainfall amounts especially in southern california about 2 to 3
9:08 am
inches along the coast. and then florida is looking at wet weather as well. stationary front draped along there and bringing rain and anywhere from 1 to 3 inches from miami up to in between orlando and jacksonville. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. sunny and chilly. tom kierein in storm center 4 and around the region climbing into the 40s. 47 now at reagan national. later today into the 50s. and this afternoon, lots of sun and clouding up tonight and cloudy wednesday and chilly. upper 30s, low and mid 40s during the afternoon. from midday and perhaps during the afternoon hours we could get light, wet snow north and west of wash. west and north of the i-95 corridor, light coating on grassy areas. elsewhere light rain. then sun back and that's your latest weather. savannah! >> okay, al. thanks. this morning on today's health the real reason you could be tired. we blame fatigue on the hustle of everyday life but there could
9:09 am
be a medical condition to blame. doctor, good to see you. >> good morning. >> before we start assuming the worst there are things you can do to address fatigue and maybe eliminate common causes. what do you suggest? >> you first need to look at your sleep cycle. get at least eight hours a night. look at your diet. a lot of us skip meals on the run so eat throughout the day and look at your schedule. a lot of us are overscheduled and sometimes scaling back a little bit, especially for a few weeks can help ease tiredness and fatigue. >> one reason fatigue hangs on is people who are anemic. how do you know if you have this condition? >> anemia is a common cause of tiredness. it's basically a condition where we don't have enough red blood cells. so the entire body locks oxygen. my patients tell me they feel they are fighting for air, they can't get a breath in. it is a serious cause of fatigue. some symptoms are palpitations,
9:10 am
chest pain, headache. a lot of trouble focusing or concentrating. just this overall sense that you're weak. the flight of stairs at work is more difficult to go up or you get out of breath. >> you need to have a blood test if you have the symptoms? >> the best way to diagnose anemia is through a blood test. >> another culprit, the thyroid. we have talked about it a lot on this show. often it's a sign of if you have weight loss or weight gain, the thyroid could be the culprit. >> the thyroid gland sits in the neck and has many powers. hyper thyroidism which is too much hormone is the body on overdrive. you have a very high body temperature. it's easy to lose weight. you're going to the bathroom frequently. you're weak. hypothyroidism, the body is slowed down. low body temperature where you are cold all the time. it's easy to gain weight and
9:11 am
also weak. >> you can ask for your thyroid to be tested at that time doctor? >> it's a blood test and your physician will do it for you. >> is it resolved with medication? >> typically, correct. >> another culprit could be depression. this is really hard to diagnose. you will see why. you're sleeping too much or too little. it's ambiguous. >> it's tough as physicians. we don't want to overdose somebody with depression or under diagnose it either. you're looking for changes in sleep, in appetite, in your relationship. you go from beg extro victor tt isolated. and having bad feelings about yourself and low self-esteem. >> what do you suggest if depression could be the cause. >> again, get help. either talk to your doctor, somebody close to you. engage your physician in the conversation. they are looking for five symptoms over two weeks to see
9:12 am
if you fit the criteria for depression. changes in sleep, appetite, mood, negative thoughts and changes in focus or concentration. >> it could be changes in either direction in this case. >> exactly. >> another thing is diabetes. a lot of diabetics and that's often the first sign -- exhaustion or fatigue. >> diabetes is on the rise. it prevents with fatigue because you have flip-flopping with blood sugar. we end completely exhausted. it's important to understand the symptoms. excessive thirst, hungry all the time, losing weight without an explanation. yeast infections and blurry vision. of course the fatigue. the best way to diagnose is through a fasting plasma glucose where you fast for eight hours and we draw your blood glucose level or the ogtt where we have two measures of blood sugar
9:13 am
level, one before drinking glucose and one after. >> the final condition that can cause exhaustion is sleep apnea. you think, i slept eight hours but you still feel tired. >> it's often missed in patients. you wake up without a good night's sleep. the brain is constantly waking up because the airway is shutting off, not providing oxygen. it's a feeling that you are not getting air, enough oxygen. patients wake up exhausted. one symptom is snoring. if it's left untreated it can progress on to cardiovascular disease, hypertension, stroke. it is important to get it diagnosed. we like it diagnosed through a sleep study which is done at a sleep clinic. and a polysomnogram is a good way to see what you're doing as you sleep through the night. >> good information. appreciate it. thank you. >> no problem. thank you. >> up next, healthy treats for valentine's day. plus, cutting the calories and keeping the taste in joy's diet
9:14 am
s.o.s. straight ahead. and less than model behavior from supermodel gisele bundchen. what she had to say after her hubby's super bowl loss coming up after these messages. [ male announcer ] this is big. new chicken mcbites from mcdonald's. juicy, poppable, premium chicken breast with homestyle seasoning. but they're only here for a limited time. the simple joy of really big fun. ♪
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♪ activia love your new normal and discover the deliciously fruity taste and silky smooth texture of new activia harvest picks. this morning on joy bauer's diet s.o.s. answers to your daily diet dilemmas. joy bauer has answers from your chocolate cravings to healthy foods. good morning. >> good morning, al. >> we have a valentine's day question from pam in new york joining us via skype. happy early valentine's day, pam. >> thank you, you, too. >> hi, pam! >> what's your question? >> i'm looking for healthy chocolate or treat ideas for gifts for valentine's day. do you have fun suggestions? >> i was so excited when i heard you would ask the question. i get to show off my gift for my "today" show valentine al roker. >> ooh! >> i call this chocolate trail
9:18 am
mix. it took me hours, al. but it's so simple. >> i'm not listening. >> you will layer healthy chocolate treats. i have dark chocolate trips, cocoa dusted almond, chocolate cereal. and we have whole grain pretzels covered in dark chocolate. this is the 365 brand. happy valentine's day, al! >> thank you. it's already open. >> but uneaten. >> so there's a great idea, pam. >> there are so many other ingredients you can play with. if your recipient loves caffeine you can have dark chocolate espresso beans and i found dark chocolate covered pomegranate seeds, cherries, kcashews. >> you have been busy. now from hillary in boston. she says she has a big sweet
9:19 am
tooth, always craving something chocolate. what's something i can keep in my college dorm room to satisfy the craving but isn't totally unhealthy? >> another chocolate question. good timing. there are so many clever chocolate creations that will keep your health in check and satisfy a craving. when it comes to a dorm room i love the mini chocolates. you want to go dark but because they are portion controlled the milk chocolate is fine. you can jazz up nonfat greek yogurt. add a pact of low fat hot cocoa and you have protein pudding or a vanilla and sprinkle on chocolate chips. also meringue cookies are low in calories. one of my favorites is a chocolate coconut. it's naturally free of sugar, artificial sweeteners and makes the room smell delicious. even chocolate covered granola
9:20 am
bars. >> we have kathleen from cincinnati. she has a question for us. >> hi, joy. >> hey! >> i'm looking to lose a few pounds and i was wondering how to turn our family's favorite meals into a healthier, low calorie version without losing flavor. we like pasta, chicken, pork and especially chili. can you help? >> i can help. there are four simple tweaks you can make to just about every recipe that will healthify and maintain flavor. first, use lean ground turkey or chicken, at least 90% lean instead of fatty ground beef. when a recipe calls for cheese, use the 2% reduced fat cheese. third, swap in whole grains instead of the white stuff. so if a recipe is a pasta recipe use whole wheat or whole grain pasta. if it calls for rice, use brown or white rice. when you have the opportunity you will stuff in vegetables and more vegetables.
9:21 am
anything goes. for your pastas, make the whole wheat noodles and add vegetables to poof up the volume. for chili use kbround lean turkey and add a couple cans of fiber rich beans and more vegetables. for pork, roast a tenderloin. it's ultra lean. it's super low in calories and high in health. you can add an interesting blend of a rub of any herbs and seasonings. >> great! thank you. >> just to clarify, just because it's whole wheat or brown rice doesn't mean it's lower in calories. >> it's better for you because when you are eating whole grains you get fiber and antioxidants but watch your portions. >> thank you. >> happy valentine's, al. >> still ahead, how women really feel about their sex life after they get married. happy valentine's day! that was a turn.
9:22 am
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coming up, gisele bundchen throws her husband's teammates under the bus. >> plus, are married women happy with their sex lives? >> and a greek specialty after your local news. hands that feel soft and silky smooth! ooh...she's got the look. what's her secret? the gloves? dawn? i don't believe it. [ male announcer ] it's a dishwashing sensation... dawn hand renewal with olay beauty. it contains revitalizing proteins to help smooth skin on hands -- improving their look and feel in just five uses. [ sponge ] soft, smooth... fabulous! you're quite the trendsetter. [ male announcer ] dawn does more... [ sponge ] so it's not a chore. [ laughs ] ♪ [ female announcer ] hey, ladies. here's a little something you'll find irresistible. cinnamon toast crunch, with a delicious cinnamon and sugar taste that's amazing. crave those crazy squares.™
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you should know that just one dose of children's advil gives up to eight hours of fever relief. allowing your little one to get back to building a better afternoon. 9:26 is your time now this tuesday, february 7, 2012. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. let's check in with storm 4 meteorologist tom kierein for a look at your forecast. pretty out there so far. 45 degrees. tom, how is the rest of the day looking? >> we will be warming up and bright sun warmed news the 40s now. late near the 50s. and then tomorrow cloudy and much cooler, highs in the upper 30s low and mid 40s. and we may get wet snow north and west of washington. west of i-95. some of those areas may get up to a half inch or so, maybe more on grassy areas. and elsewhere little bit light rain. then sun back on thursday and friday with highs in the 40s to be followed by a frigid weekend. >> tom, thanks so much. we will take a quick break and
9:27 am
check your t
9:28 am
good morning. in the district, a pedestrian accident closes the 800 block of 1st in both directions. if you are traveling in montgomery county still have northbound colesville road prior to new hampshire avenue only in the left lane getting by the
9:29 am
earlier bus fire there. traveling 66 slow inside the beltway as you pass gallows road. 37 miles per hour. back to you. >> danella, thank you. more news, weather and traffic for new just 25 minutes. but for now, back
9:30 am
i remember my first posting. house like this. not one single visitor. but i remember rule number one. you are responsible for your house guests. i'm your house guest. the clock is ticking. >> two-time academy award winner denzel washington. this looks intense. he stars as a renegade cia agent in the new thriller costarring ryan reynolds called "safehouse." ryan was here earlier today. denzel live in studio. here we are with safe driving lessons. tomorrow on "today." >> ow! >> oh, boy. >> can't wait. >> all right.
9:31 am
talking about a train wreck a little bit. coming up, we have supermodel gisel bundchen. she stood by her man but what she said when some giants fans heckled her is getting her in hot water. she blamed brady's teammates for the loss. it's got the internet buzzing and of course it was all caught on camera. >> oops. >> all right. you know the old joke about sex after marriage -- there is none. well apparently it's not true. most women are happy with their sex life and they think their spouses are, too. we'll share the results of a revealing new survey ahead. >> and there is one thing you can do for your spouse. cook them a delicious mediterranean meal. we're going greek with lamb stew and authentic side dishes. looks good. >> tzatziki. >> i love it. >> how about a check of the
9:32 am
ha! >> by the time it is all over, sunny and 50 degrees. breezy. confetti will be flying all over. showers along the mid atlantic coast. thunderstorms down through florida. heavy rain and wind along the california coast. inland as well. light snow to the upper midwest. that's what's going on around the country and here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> beautiful blue sky. live view from the sky watcher camera on this tuesday morning. good morning. i'm tom kierein storm center 4. right now under the blue sky temperatures are climbing into the 40s and most of the region, reagan national now, 47. and later today, into the 50s. then cloudy and colder tomorrow. might have a little wet snow north and west of washington where there could be a light accumulation on grassy areas. during the afternoon. and elsewhere a little light rain. then sun back thursday and friday with highs in the 40s. over the weekend looking cold. saturday and i meant to say spanakopita. >> thank you, al.
9:33 am
let's say hello to nancy, the latest contestant to have the scales tip against her on "the biggest loser." >> good morning. >> you started at 217, lost 21 on the ranch. how much have you lost since then? >> 45 total so far. >> good for you. >> congratulations. >> what are you doing at home? >> thank you. well, i do work out. i do more exercise and swimming. i love to swim. i try to make sure i get it in at least five days a week. >> and you have 13 kids and 55 grandchildren? >> yes! >> chasing them probably burns calories. >> it's busy. ordinary people with ordinary lives trying to do the extraordinary which is to take time for yourself. >> how has this changed your lifestyle? >> it's huge. you have to -- if you love yourself you have to give yourself time. i'm not used to giving myself a lot of time. loving everybody else but not having time for myself. now i'm spending more time for
9:34 am
me. >> and your trainer was tough on you on the ranch. what was your opinion? >> i don't think he was tough on me. >> no? good. >> i think he had a ton of patience. working with me, you know, was a challenge for him, i'm sure because i had to be shown two, three times sometimes the same things until i would get it and all that. he was great. i liked him a lot. >> nancy, you should be very proud of yourself. we're proud of you. keep it going. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> looking good. >> "the biggest loser" airs tonight at 8:00/7:00 central on nbc. up next, supermodel gisele bundchen stands up for tom brady but take as dig at his teammates. her controversial comments coming up next. >> yikes. urance, people feel lo. that's a dead end. don't know which way to turn. this way. turn around. [ woman ] that's why we present people with options
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9:38 am
the new york giants celebrate their super bowl win today with a ticker tape parade downtown. >> it's no party for tom brady after post game remarks made by his supermodel wife gisele bundchen. >> as if tom brady didn't have enough reasons to be disappointed after the loss some people are taking jabs at gisele for being too vocal. moments after losing super bowl xlvi to the new york giants. >> they put a lot of pressure on us. we came up a little bit short. >> reporter: a deeply disappointed tom brady was fe.rted by his supermodel last week gisele called on friends and family to pray for her husband whom she affectionately calls tommy. but the prayers weren't enough. as she exited the stadium another side of the brazilian bo bombshell was caught on tape by
9:39 am
a giants fan heckled the beauty and she shot back. defending her husband while placing blame on his teammates saying she couldn't believe the receivers dropped the ball so many times. >> it's not what you would expect to happen with a high profile figure like brady, especially considering his wife is a supermodel and she knows what it's like to be in the public eye. you're supposed to be a support group, not someone shouting statements. >> reporter: the glamorous couple who have a son together began dating in 2006. some say she's transformed the nfl star from his high fashion wardrobe to his ever changing hair styles. brady is a regular fixture in fashion magazines. outside the fashion world brady's fans are concerned with the gridiron more than the flat iron and the boston sports world has been speculating about a gisele jinx for years. >> here's the thing for boston.
9:40 am
they care about only one thing -- winning. they know since gisele has been with brady he hasn't won a super bowl. >> reporter: speculation that began in 2008, the last time the patriots faced the giants and lost. gisele was in a sky box looking less than interested sipping red wine, not beer -- a no-no among sports fans. the boston herald called it the curse of the baby-no. most agree her comments crossed the line. >> you deal with a problem in the locker room, with your coach, with your teammates. there is a code among players and teams. you keep it in house. >> reporter: a code that now has to be extended to supermodels. well, we reached out to gisele bundchen but she had no further comment on her remark. >> i think she was defending her man. somebody got in her face and she was passionate. >> it was unfortunate that it reflected on the other teammates. >> and was on camera. >> emotions high after the big game. >> very much so. up next, what married women
9:41 am
really think about sex after marriage. >> right after this. [ male announcer ] we asked real people if they'd help us with an experiment for febreze fabric refresher. they agreed. [ experimenter 1 ] relax, take some nice deep breaths. [ experimenter 2 ] what do you smell? lilac. clean. there's something that's really fresh. a little bit beach-y. like children's blankets. smells like home. [ experimenter 1 ] okay. take your blindfolds off. ♪ hello? [ male announcer ] and now new and improved febreze fabric refresher with up to two times the odor elimination so you can breathe happy, guaranteed. with up to two times the odor elimination [kids talkhot potato!ing] hot potato ♪i got a fever, it's goin all around♪
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it's a homestyle taste you can never get enough of. available for a limited time only. the simple joy of an irresistible bite. how about both? with covergirl lashblast fusion. our biggest brush meets our fiberstretch formula for a blast of volume and length. lashblast fusion. from easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl. i can't do a thing in the morning until i've had my juice. ♪ this morning on today's relationships, sex during marriage. it's not just something men want all the time. turns out a new ivillage survey turns out 70% of women say a
9:45 am
good sex life is important to their relationship. kelly, good morning. >> good morning. >> this survey was 1,000 women between 18 is and 49. what does it show us about attitudes for sex and marriage? >> the most surprising thing is when most people think married sex they think no sex. once you get married, no sex. wrong according to this survey. nearly 60% of women said they are happy with their sex life. an equal number said their spouse is, too. they are actually having sex. >> 75% say it's key to a good relationship. >> exactly. >> what's the barrier that's getting in the way of them always getting what they want? >> no surprise here. the big barriers according to the survey are stress and exhaustion. i interviewed a mom with two 3-year-old twins. she said the moms are in bed at 8:00. she's lucky if she makes it to 8:30. she said when they have sex it's wonderful.
9:46 am
it may be quality versus quantity for married women. >> valentine's day is around the corner. people thinking about how to please their spouse. what should we take away? what's the big turn-on in the bedroom? >> this is the big message. attention, husbands out there. when we asked women what gets them in the mood, 70% said when their husband shares loving feelings with them. about 50% said when their husband says nice things to them. more than when he talks sexy, cleans the house or cooks them dinner. it may be just as easy to say, i love you, you look beautiful. >> pay a compliment. >> and you may get more action in the bedroom. >> how often do women want sex and how often are they getting sex? >> in our survey women said they had sex about six times a month. then there was a stat we found surprising. about a third said they would rather have sex with their husbands than go to the movies, to a spa, go on facebook or chat with their friends. 30% said they would rather have
9:47 am
sex than anything at all. four of five women said they were in the mood to have sex in the last month. this counters the thinking in pop culture that married women are dead. >> and only men want it. >> women want it, too. >> technology plays a role as well in sex lives. what did the survey show? >> no surprise. women are embracing technology. 22% said they sexted at one time with their husband. 18% said they have e-mailed flirty messages. 16% said they have watched porn on the internet with their partner. digital is changing married sex, too. >> women are getting more creative and less inhibited. >> in the survey, half said they tried something new in the bedroom last year. an equal number said they initiate sex as much as their husband initiates. i think the message is, you know, women know sex is important and that they are interested in making it better. >> they are making time for it.
9:48 am
>> when they can. when they're not stressed and exhausted. >> a quarter of married women think sex is not a priority in the relationship. what does that say about love and marriage in america? >> ask any marriage expert and they will say sex is important for intimacy, the emotional connection and people probably need help. help can be on the way. we started a better sex challenge at ivillage. people get daily tips and advice from a sex expert, from other women. they can sign in by going to >> there you go. getting us ready for valentine's day. now we know what everybody wants. >> exactly. >> it's about to get steamy in the kitchen with a classic greek stew. first, this is "today" on nbc.
9:49 am
never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. if my mom can fight and beat breast cancer, i can walk 60 miles. (woman) the fund-raising was the easiest part. people were very giving. complete strangers wanting to help. i knew someday i was gonna do this walk. if i can do this, you definitely can do this. we can do this. we can all do this together. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime.
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9:51 am
♪ this morning in today's kitchen, greek cuisine step by step. jim is chef at one of the city's most popular greek restaurants. good morning. we're making lamb stew or -- >> [ speaking greek ] translated as red or with wine. we're going to roast it in the pan. nothing in there except the spices. that wakes them up. wait for a puff of smoke. they will turn a little bit of color. >> toasting the spices. >> toasting them. right into a bottle of wine. we'll put in vegetables there. celery, onions, carrots, bay leaf, smashed garlic. we reduce it all the way down. we put the vegetables in to extract the flavor. we bring it to a rolling boil, let it go down. we get the essence of the wine with no alcohol.
9:52 am
>> any red wine will do? >> something greek or something like cabernet. >> greek is better. okay. >> greek is better! very good. >> we have the lamb. it's all cubed here. >> it's cubed. >> can you buy it pre-cubed out of curiosity? >> you can get lamb in the supermarket. try to get stew meat or leg meat which is what we are using here. drizzle olive oil. grab some salt and pepper. this is one of the sections on our menu called greek classics. we just finished an 18-day renovation. it was a race to the finish line. this is one of the new dishes we have along with a completely new look. >> wonderful. let's check it out. >> take the lamb meat, place it in. sizzle, sizzle, that's what you want. >> the oil was hot. >> don't move the pan. that's where people make the mistake. you need caramelization. >> what do you mean? >> let it sit. let it rest on that side.
9:53 am
nice, intense heat. the smoke, not pleasant. that's what you are looking for. >> do you turn it over? >> let it get to this point. see how you have nice even caramelization? >> yeah. >> that's what we are looking for. the way to get it is without moving it around much. in the pot after we sear the meat and take it out, onions, garlic, tomato in the pot. let it goat get nice and caramelized. from there the wine is reduced down. >> that had the spices in it. >> goes down. take another sachet with the aromatics. put in the lamb, stock. >> that's loud! it's like ten decibels of sizzle. >> put it in the oven at 350. right there. >> don't burn yourself. for crying out loud. looks great. >> egg noodles. you can make them at home or buy them. just like this. you have a chance, cut them into
9:54 am
strips, little pieces. >> can i do that? >> we have some in the pot already. >> that made me feel better. >> you can practice. >> what makes you think i need practice? >> if you don't want to make egg noodles you can use kilopitas. very greek. and here is the finished stew. halfway through the cooking, pearl onions inside. toss it up. add aged cheese like a pecorino. take it to the plate. nice and buttery noodles like mother used to make. >> yeah. >> put it on the bottom. >> delish. tell us about the side dishes in our 45 seconds. >> we have eggplant salad, tzatziki. >> i love that. >> greek salad which we love. >> you are drawing a crowd here. >> we always do. >> nice and fresh for you. >> yummy! >> always with a little toasted
9:55 am
pita. >> wonderful. >> you're all ready. >> thank you. how do you say it in greek? [ speaking greek ] >> exactly. what e he said. >> kathie lee and hoda after your local news.
9:56 am
9:57 am
good morning, everyone. 9:57 is the time. tuesday, february 7, 2012. i'm barbara harrison. let's check on the weather now. here is tom kierein. tom is will snow in the forecast? >> yes. could be some tomorrow. but not today. bright and sunny. right now as we approach 10:00, it is now near 50 degree in washington. and it is 49 there at reagan nation national. elsewhere, mid 40s, late mere the 50s.
9:58 am
sunshine. then cloudy and chillier tomorrow. highs in the upper 30s and low and mid 40s. could get wet north and west of washington. light accumulation on some grassy areas there. elsewhere little light rain and dry after that into the weekend. danella, how is traffic. >> traveling eastbound 66, right around nutley, you are going slow as you head inside the beltway. you are just under speed at 34 miles per hour. roughly from the beltway to gw parkway that trip will take you 18 minutes to do so. traveling i-95, no issues there northbound or southbound. barbara, back to you. >> thank you. coming up on "news4 midday," dangers of body art from permanent makeup to body piercings, skin issues that can cheeseburger macaroni? [ female announcer ] cheeserburger macaroni hamburger helper. now even cheesier and tastier. helpers. forty dishes, all delicious. gives us the most nutritious of gifts. but only when they are ready to be given. that's why green giant picks vegetables at their peak.
9:59 am
...and freezes them fast, locking in nutrients ...for you to unwrap. ♪ ho, ho, ho. green giant
10:00 am
captions paid for by nbc-universal television so glad you are with us today. tz booze day tuesday, february 7th. just two days away from our island getaway. >> cannot wait to get to the ba hamg bahamas. >> let's play a little music. feel it. drink in hand. we want you all to come down. we understand not everybody can afford to come, but what we want you to do is slather on a little oil, open up a coconut, poor a
10:01 am
little rum, take pictures of yourself and we'll show a few. >> your living room is a perfect beach. we'll put you in the mood. one week until valentine's day, and this is a holiday for a lot of people who are either disappointed or they want more than they get, blah, blah, blah. but they did a survey, zebra pen, a poll. and, you know, most guys think you want flowers or candy or jewelry. you think those would rank high on the list, but not so say the folks from zebra pen. >> i don't know. i can very much relate to this. i think these kinds of things depend where you are in life and your relationship. brand new, very excited, very much in love. then it's different than if you're in a long-term relationship and you just want peace. you know? i neve loved valentine's day. >> no. >> i think it's kind of cruel, kind of hard on people that don't have someone special in their lives. >> yeah. >> and it's awfully expensive. u should be saying i love you to the person in your life all
10:02 am
the time. it's just another time you have to spend money to prove to somebody you love them. >> here's the deal. they say most of us want a couple things. we want a nice dinner. >> yeah. >> we don't care about the jewelry. don't bother trying to bring us a big piece of bling, especially during these times, they want a great, great dinner out or a handwritten note. like you know what -- >> yeah. >> i so treasure -- it's funny. when someone takes time to write their feelings down and hand it to you as opposed to a card they just sign their name, which is fine -- >> i have every love note you've ever written me. >> you do? >> she is so crazy about me. writes the sweetest notes. i notice a trend about the last ten years of my life with frank, you know what, it's less and less about the stuff. you say you know what, let's do this. >> yeah. >> and you use your money -- if you need something or let's add on this or let's get a new -- you know -- >> i agree. look, it's more fun to me to get
10:03 am
a surprise on a day you don't expect it than on valentine's day when you're wondering, it's valentine's day, what did he get you? >> the expectation. >> yeah. >> and most people can't afford a whole lot. just be nice to each other that day. >> i like that. that's the hardest thing, actually. >> if you go out to dinner, there are things cropping up that are annoying things in restaurants. zagat's -- >> interviewed them 20 times. don't know. >> they say -- >> you say zagat -- >> here are the things that annoy people. they're allowing dogs in the outdoor areas of the restaurants. some people have dogs in strollers, if you've seen them. you know how they do. >> they're nice and protected, not hurting anybody. on the sidewalk. >> sometimes they're just sitting there. and sometimes people, oh, is the dog hungry, looking at my steak. that's one. here's one that is my pet peeve.
10:04 am
the tables are so close together you can barely get into your seat because the other seat is backed up against you. you're like, excuse me, sorry. to go to the restroom, you can't even get -- >> yeah. you need a gps. >> you're knocking people's tables over. like the airlines that try to cram more seats, just one more table. >> or on purpose like the bistros. that's the way it is in europe. a little pub in england. everybody's crammed in. >> yeah. i like a little room to breathe. i like to, you know, have a little space. >> yes, you do. >> this is not me. this is zagat's. >> oh. again. >> they also say that we don't like people -- waiters who are constantly coming -- you order a bottle of wine and, you know, you can fill your glass back up. but the ones who are coming every time you take a sip and dumping it in. >> i have no problem with that.
10:05 am
>> afriof course you don't. and people don't like enormous wine glasses. >> who are you? >> they come to the table, would you like still water or sparkling? all you want is tap water. >> the cheap one. because you know they're making a ton of money on it. >> they make you feel cheap when you say no, no, just tap. >> they give you that -- just tap. oh. for shame. not doing as well as you look, huh? i know. i know. >> i don't like that. i like new york tap water. >> you like everything. >> i'm reading zagat's. >> tell everybody the best city to find a date in for valentine's day. >> fast approaching. >> a little late. but from the >> they sized up things like available singles, dating costs, mental and physical health. >> not important to me. >> who cares? it doesn't matter when you want somebody. >> depends on how desperate a person is. >> crazy.
10:06 am
>> i wish you could tell those stories, hoda. >> no, no. >> yes. >> number five, minneapolis. lucky for you. a lot of folks there are single. austin, texas, is number four. >> big party town. >> lincoln, nebraska, ranks third. >> huh. >> gainesville, florida, big college school. and atlanta, georgia, is the number one. >> atlanta is on a lot of lists lately and all for pretty good stuff. >> you're right. they have. >> awesome town. rounding out the top ten, seattle, madison, wisconsin, san francisco, and ann arbor, which i love, and washington, d.c. guess what? if you're in new york or l.a., you're not on the list. >> i have to say i think it's harder to meet people in bigger cities. i remember when i first came here before, trying to meet people and carve out a circle isn't easy unless you go to -- i went to restaurants and sat with a newspaper and would read. how do you meet people? hey, what are you reading? what are you doing? >> most people aren't attracted
10:07 am
it seems to me of people that are similar to them, you know. you have to get to know somebody that comes from a different world. >> right. >> so you, your first job in television was in greenville -- >> mississippi. >> right. there aren't that many egyptians there. right? there just aren't. that had to be hard. >> what are you talking about? >> how many did you run into in greensville, south carolina? >> mississippi. >> whatever. >> all right. so here is -- okay. i like this one. let's go to the next one. >> okay. >> this is called i never liked it anyway. i never liked it anyway. >> is that a website? >> yeah. it's a website. this woman got dumped by her boyfriend and decided to sell all the stuff he gave her on ebay. the ring, i never liked it anyway. sell it on the website. people put their wedding gowns on there. i think they are very upset with their relationship. and they got rid of all things
10:08 am
that reminded them of their exand they sold it so everyone could see it. sometimes you say, thank you, honey and you wear it but you don't like it. >> i don't. i return it. you know -- >> but what if he was so excited to give you something? >> just kidding. we talk about things ahead of time. what would you like. if there's something in particular -- >> what about early on? when he gave you something and -- >> frank has excellent taste. he does. but it's never been about stuff. when he asked me to marry him he gave me a beautiful diamond that he had -- it was sweet. he had it designed -- it was a square emerald cut. >> wow. >> because my nails are always sort of on the -- >> he thought about that? >> that's when he loved me like crazy. but anyway -- and i loved it. it was later stolen years later. and, you know, i remember thinking, gee, i would have loved to have given that to my daughter someday.
10:09 am
but i was just reminded, it's a thing. >> i know. >> it's a thing. things can be replaced and people can't. and later, a couple years later, he took me into tiffany's and said, what do you want? i picked this out, the least expensive thing in the whole store because i said it is not about that. it is not about that. i think that happens as you get older. i was very much the tchotchke queen. every bed had 80 pillows on it, more knickknacks. more and more, simplifying. when you're going to go pretty soon, you done want to leave that much work for your children. you know what i mean? >> yes. i hear you. what do we have coming up? >> i don't know. >> yes you do. >> something you can sink your teeth into. "twilight's" peter is here. >> and sara joins the circus. [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego.
10:10 am
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10:12 am
♪ ♪ [ birds chirping ] ♪ [ female announcer ] oikos greek yogurt. possibly the best yogurt in the world. ♪
10:13 am
all right. the "twilight" saga "breaking dawn" part one grossed over $700 million since it was released in november. >> fans will be happy to know they can watch it over and over and over when the highly anticipated dvd is released late they are week. >> peter facinelli plays carlisle cullen. >> you're the enemy now. sam won't hesitate. you will be slaughtered. >> emmet will come with us. >> that won't be enough. >> we have no choice, jacob. if there's anything we can do to save him, we have to try. >> are you even recognized on the street? so different. >> i don't recognize -- i look at pictures and i'm, like, is that me? >> much better looking in person. i'm sorry. >> that's okay. 350 years old. what do you want from me? >> what do you think it is about these movies that keep people coming back? >> i don't know. i think if people knew they would start making more like that. but i think it's an extension of
10:14 am
the books, obviously. people are big fans of the books to start. and then, you know, i think these movies have a lot going on. it's not a typical vampire movie. it's in a vampire setting, but it's really about forbidden love and also about a family who supports each other. sometimes they're at odds, but they have a lot of love there. a lot of different, you know, levels going on with the vampire backdrop, which makes it interesting. >> and a lot of beautiful people even if they are dead. my daughter is 18 1/2. when the first books came out, she was madly in love with them. her favorite person is edward cullen. no, edward cullen. i think it grabs those young girls -- >> in the books he's such a gentleman. >> yes. >> and i think people respond to that. >> you're very deceptive, your age. you told me you're 38 but i can't believe it. >> family so beautiful.
10:15 am
really disturbing. >> when we were filming shooting in new orleans, i took them out on the town there, the kids. i took my 5-year-old down bourbon street and i said -- they were clinging -- yeah. >> the old photo. >> the little one with the little pistol. >> oh, wow. are any of them showing a desire to be vampires? >> my oldest daughter is really talented song writer so she's been playing guitar. i think she's interested but it's not like she's out auditioning and stuff like that. >> have they seen the movies? >> they have. they've seen all the movies. i think they know -- when my youngest saw the movie she thought i was on skype and trying to talk to me. she was angry i wasn't responding. >> in addition to the "twilight" series, you're busy on another project. >> i have a movie i wrote and produced and star in. it's available on dvd with time warner cable. you can rent it on itunes. i play a pickpocket in new york -- >> based on your past life?
10:16 am
>> yes. true story. no. he's a pickpocket and he kind of lives this fast, loose lifestyle, then he falls in love with this girl on a one-night stand and doesn't see her for a couple months. then she taps him on the shoulder and tells him she's pregnant. his life comes to a screeching halt. >> did "twilight" typecast you? i know it did other characters. >> i don't feel that. i do nurse jackie and that's 180 degrees. >> sure. >> and i really don't look like that. i think if i looked more like carlisle it would be harder for people to buy me playing other people, but because that character is so distinct and specific, i can play a role like dr. cooper. that's weird. carlisle's got this sexual tic. it's so different. that's what's fun for me. i get to play different roles. >> writing and producing, too. >> yeah. >> valentine's day fast approaching. you've been married quite a long time.
10:17 am
anything on tap? >> you know, after -- i've been with her ten years. we were goinging to for 17 years and married for ten. after that long, it's, like, i don't know what else to get. >> that she doesn't already have. >> that she doesn't have. >> you are a love. happy valentine's. >> thank you very much for having me. >> part one out on dvd this saturday, february 11th. up next, sara leaves the big city for the big top. ♪ i woke up to a light bulb ♪ every little thing is possible ♪ [ female announcer ] introducing new fresh take. kraft natural cheese, and the perfect blend of spices and bread crumbs all in one bag. we're not just making cheese. we're helping you make something amazing. ♪ love is a bright idea ♪ life is amazing... [ female announcer ] new fresh take from kraft. ♪ that i found ♪
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10:20 am
it is time for "sara in the city," where sara haines steps out of her comfort zone and tackles another big jobn the city. >> this time around, she ran away. where did you run away to? >> don't panic. i decided it was time for a break from the cold so i made an escape. i ran off and joined the circus. i signed up with ringling brothers barnum & bailey and discovered what makes the circus the greatest show on earth. they glide through the air with the greatest of ease. break world records in a contraption called the ball of steel. and tame lions, tiger, and elephants. welcome to the circus, a show that's been around for 142 years, a show that's older than baseball but always changing. >> every year with all of our
10:21 am
tours we play 135 cities across the country. >> producers and performers from all over the world. when they get together, it's like a mini united nations under the big top. >> we have over 142 performers, and they are doing all sorts of incredible feats. >> well, make that 143 performers, because today i'm joining them. 25 feet in front of me is a circus. ever since i walked through that curtain, oh, my. >> ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages. >> i had no idea what was in store for me. oh, my gosh. >> the sizzling sara haines! >> hi. this is so amazing. i've always dreamt of being in the circus. >> of course. everybody wants to run away. >> you're going to teach me something. >> i'm going to show you some things. i have friends that will teach you wonderful things like the clown alley. come and meet my friends. >> so i had taylor, my very own
10:22 am
clown mentor. >> are you excited? >> so excited. >> rapunzel and how he actually saves rapunzel. you're going to be saved by -- >> my knight in shining armor. >> i'm so excited for saving you. >> but there's a catch. to be saved by my knight in shining armor, i have to be hoisted up over 30 feet in the air. i knew true love was hard to find. >> are you a daredevil? >> yes. like an adrenaline junkie. >> let me introduce you to the legendary alex petrov. >> what are you teaching me? >> we going to take you to the high wire and give you a ride. >> a motorcycle and a high wire? >> yes. >> i muster up all smi strength and climb onto the trapeze. a teeny, tiny bar dangling under a motorcycle on a wire. going over 40 miles per hour.
10:23 am
>> i'm impressed with you. i'm going to introduce you to this lovely lady. >> hi. i'm sara. >> the opening production. >> i played the triangle in the band once. >> this is slightly bigger, heavy-duty. >> so they strapped me in. and up i go. twisting and twirling. and getting quaintly stuck in midair. i need to spin better. >> well, sara, we took you to circus boot camp and here you are. you lived. you survived. now we're going to honor you. you get to be our guest ring mistress. however, you have to decide which act you're going to do. >> oh. such a difficult decision. do i play the princess stuck in the tower or go for a spin on
10:24 am
the motorcycle high wire? or do i twirl many the triangle? and then it came to me. who wouldn't want to be a clo crowned princess? let the show begin. >> a big round of applause for the one, the only from the "today" show, sara haines! >> and then finally time for my starring role. ♪ i'm sexy and i know it ♪ i'm sexy and i know it >> a happy ending under the big top. i got my prince and my day in the circus. and after only a day under that big top i did feel like family but i had to come back to you guys, my own family. >> it didn't have a happy ending. >> i love being here. talk about the greatest show on earth p. >> that's for sure. >> no kidding. >> all right. still to come, we have
10:25 am
"tuesday's trend." how to look lacy without being too racy. >> bobbi's here. >> and the right wine for valentine's day. >> and cupcakes. allie's spelling bee is monday... sounds like a mini-wheats day to me! and becka's science fair is on the 8th. she's presenting the solar system. hey i've got just the whole grain fiber to help keep her full so she can stay focused. rock. she'll be ready to rock. right here! [ female announcer ] make your kids big days, mini-wheats days. packed with fiber and nearly a day's worth of whole grains kellogg's frosted mini-wheats cereal helps keep your kids full and focused. now available in cinnamon roll flavor. keeps 'em full... keeps 'em focused. the difference between hiding my skin and showing it off? jergens ultra healing moisturizer. even my driest skin looks healthier, instantly. jergens is the difference between i'm here, and here i am. jergens®. the beautiful difference.
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10:30 am
a. we're back for today's "tuesday trends." lace can be the perfect blend of sleek and sexy if done right. >> but you don't want to look like you're in your underwear. that's why thombobbie thomas ish us. >> it's so pretty and feminine, but there are some occasions you're wondering, like, at the office, can i really wear this, or how can you dress it down so it doesn't feel like a ball game. >> some celebs are sporting this and it makes you feel like i might be able to pull that off too. >> so many pretty dresses on the red carpet. hollywood has been having a love affair with red lace. marilyn is one of my favorites,
10:31 am
rachel mcadams. the paneling, which is a slimming effect, too so, if you see a dress like this, that's a great dress to try on, ladies. we have more of the neckline kind of popping up with ashley green and mandy moore, which is a little demure with the leather and lace fun. and last but not least, octavia spencer who looks stunning with the overlay and jessica which is a chain with it down to the ground. >> anyone can wear this. it isn't about age or anything. >> no. anyone really can wear this. it's such an interesting texture. i have some looks to show you the dos and don'ts. >> bring them out. >> she is stunning. i wanted to show how you could wear lace to the office. maybe a shirt you see on the rack that's see-through and you think i could never wear it to the office. but when you see a more demure, conservative neckline and you put black underneath, it's okay to let a contrast show through. i think it can be polished for the office. even if you want a blazer over this to be more conservative. it's a pretty, feminine twist.
10:32 am
pair wit a pant to give it more of a masculine edge rather than a pencil skirt which could be too sexy. >> you don't want lace to -- >> no. a little goes a long way. black and white is classic. this is from madison. love it. >> thank you. next up we have kelly and nancy. this is dressing down a little bit. >> i like this. cute. >> i love these looks because lace is fun on the weekend. kelly has a dress on that's $26. this dress underneath from necessary clothing, really goat great for the summer but in the winter, add tights, a sweater, winterize it and you have a weekend look. nancy, rock star, she shows you can put a lace tank with your hoodie and jeans on the weekend. you don't have to just go for the t-shirt. add a little something. i can see you wearing that. >> that i do. i wear a lot of lace. i love it. >> and necessary clothing, great, affordable resources you should check out. >> okay. thanks, ladies. >> we have melanie, too.
10:33 am
come on out. >> look at you. >> hello, melanie. >> the leather and lace thing. >> the leather and lace but also a pop of color. i think right now colorful lace is fun. this dress could be very dressy if you wanted to style it that way. by adding the leather, it's a little edgy, kind of tones down the sweetness, adding the black tights. this is something she could go to dinner with her girlfriends or have drinks. it doesn't have to be a sweet party dress a la charlotte from "sex and the city." >> just because the weather is dreary doesn't mean everything has to be black. >> tell us about what you have on. >> i thought what would i wear this with because it's thin and see-through but bar 3 at macy's, very affordable. i added a nude tank underneath. sometimes if you can black lace and you have black underneath you can't really see the pattern. and a skirt with more lace. look at the paneling effect. i really like it. >> you're a little tease. >> it helps cut your hips in half. it kind of brings the line down.
10:34 am
>> everybody loves your hips, bobbie. that's the truth. >> all right. >> thanks to all of our models. ? thank you, ladies. you're all adorable. >> for more information on "tuesday's trends," visit kl new dannon pure, love the taste.
10:35 am
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10:38 am
as a regular panelist and writer for the e! channel, scheshe can be found weeknights. >> but for her, the road to success was paved with a lot of bruises. >> yes, it was. >> bad hair days and bartending. a lot of bs. her tales of love, life, and sex are in her new book. it's a big one. "life as i blow it." >> by the way, your title is foul. >> you need to get your mind out of the gutter. you're making it foul. >> you're blowing bubbles, i see. >> yes, yes. you have a chance and you blow it. >> we don't live together so -- thank you. >> people think we do. >> i thought you did. >> we heard about all that. bring two bottles next time. chelsea's raking it in.
10:39 am
>> yes. >> i thought you lived together because i was going to ask if i could move the with you. >> you even speak like chelsea. >> what's going on on the show? >> i have demi moore's voice now which is fine because she's in rehab or whatever happened. i'm taking over for her. i don't know what this is. >> if you close your eyes -- >> you are a man. >> even the delivery. >> a 75-year-old man. you're welcome, america. >> we live together, yeah. >> we have a lot of fun on the show. >> how did you meet? >> we met when i was 21. we were doing -- >> that long ago. >> yeah, 45 years ago, actually. yeah. been a long road. we were doing an improv class together, like neither of us were that great at it. and we became friends then. >> what did you have in common with her back in 1840? >> we both fought in the civil war.
10:40 am
so that brought us -- it's like -- we both lost a husband in the civil war.war. >> yeah. all right. >> so you were -- you had a boyfriend or married or something. >> i had -- well, just keep guessing you'll eventually get it right. i had a boyfriend for a few years, yes. a few boyfriends. >> then you went on -- >> i had a boyfriend for, like, three years and he didn't want to move in together so i broke up with him because i was tired of lugging the stuff back and forth. no makeup or anything. this is all natural. i said if you're not moving in with me we're breaking up. i went on eharmony and got set up with him. on eharmony. i'm not kidding. it was like that pina colada song. i was like -- i literally went on and it said i was set up with him. i was so mad i called him and i
10:41 am
have said what are you doing on eharmony? i'm like you're not supposed to be. you don't want to move the together. the commercials for people in eharmony are for committed relationships. i tried eharmony and tried to get a refund. they wouldn't give it to me. i'm like you guys don't have a screening process. it's false advertising. i'm going to sue you. it was the worst. >> but they've all been sort of cheaters, right, along the way. >> not really cheat -- actually, he and i ended up moving in together after that. >> that's far out. >> i didn't get a refund but -- >> you got something out of it. >> then we broke up again. >> what are you looking for in a man? >> i don't know. i don't know. >> are you looking anymore? >> i can't decide because, you know, i wanted to move in with someone and then you do and then they're there. all the time. i was, like, oh, so you're going to -- that's how it works. >> yeah. >> how do you do it? >> it takes a lot of compromise, which is something you just do not seem to be able to do in
10:42 am
your life. >> i compromise. i got off the eharmony and -- but, yeah, it just doesn't -- it's hard. >> you're so funny by the way. >> can't wait to read your book. and chelsea is the reason there's always alcohol on the show. >> right. >> when we were on the plaza, when i first joined hoda, her first book came out. >> right. >> so the producer made some drinks for her and -- >> is that where it started? >> a few days later she wassing, like, where ice my drink? all of a sudden it became a little bar. >> i didn't know she started that. but it kind of makes sense, though. we have that at work sometimes. >> you're adorable. >> thank you very much. thanks for having me. >> sara's new book, "life as i blow it" -- we need to say that again. >> no. don't. >> "life as i blow it" goes on sale today.
10:43 am
>> stop saying it. >> mind's in the gutter. >> we'll have a valentine's day segment. [ female announcer ] if whole grain isn't the first ingredient in your breakfast cereal, what is? now, in every box of general mills big g cereal, there's more whole grain than any other ingredient. that's why it's listed first. get more whole grain than any other ingredient... just look for the white check. [ dog barking ] ♪
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10:45 am
scientifically proven formula increases a woman's sensitivity making her big moment feel even bigger. learn more at
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10:47 am
and now on today's "celebrate valentine's day," chic drinks, romance. >> red wines paired with chocolate fondue to affordable bottles for you and your sweetie, head thirsty guy, leslie has you covered. >> she's sort of the meryl streep of alcohol. wouldn't you say? >> i think you're right on. >> we're going to kick off with some cocktails on valentine's day because everybody needs a little booze to get the night going. i did a little modern twist. classic champagne cocktail and a gin and tonic. i call this my kava twist. isle give you a little bit of this. >> that's a yoga thing, isn't it? >> you do that after you drink. this is kava. rose.
10:48 am
affordable. about 15 bucks. instead of using champagne and brandy, i used this gorgeo gorgeougorgeou gorgeougorgeou gorgeous infused with chamomile. a little bit of sweetness and aromatic. >> see if we like it. >> hmm. >> you drink enough, you'll like it. >> what's this? >> that's what this is. >> just drink it like this? >> you've god got to like it. >> what about gin? >> we like gin. gin is better. >> i carried the chamomile theme. this is made by the first female master distiller. >> good for her. >> infused with a little bit of chamomile. >> so proud. >> and beautiful and soothing. then a very healthy tonic called sea tonic p. >> tell us about your ice cubes. >> i would love to. >> those are cute.
10:49 am
look at those. >> it's pomegranate seeds frozen. >> delicious. >> really aromatic gin. lovely. >> kind of light but has a kick. >> where's my glass? cheers. >> that's a home run. >> very refreshing. >> and the sea tonic is organic and not very sweet. >> that's why i like it. >> the other retro thing i did was fondue. i remember fondue growing up. >> i'm fond of fondue. >> dig in. get in there. >> i'm knocking it over. >> strawberries and bacon. one of the hottest things is bacon covered in chocolate. so this is actually -- >> i didn't see that. thank you. >> this is chocolate made for wine. it's called bric's chocolate. you can use any dark chocolate. i love bacon. i paired it with two latin-loving wines. >> oh, my god. decade decadent. >> what do you drink with that? >> this is a spanish red.
10:50 am
it's fabulous. it's made from -- >> whey don't you grab my breass when you say things like that? do it again because the cameraman missed it. >> it just comes like that. >> okay. >> then i did a beautiful thing that goes with this. >> you mind not doing that, hoda woman? you'll put an eye out. >> two affordable wines. you can get naked or naughty. which one do you want to do? >> you can't be one without the other. >> simply naked chardonnay unoaked. i did this for you. and beautiful red knot get naughty. >> we love you, leslie. say it again. just for the camera guy. >> coming up, you guy, up next, no butter, no eggs, no problem. >> no problem.
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
- so, can we say this word on my new show? - oh, absolutely not. - well, what about this common euphemism for when a man loves a woman? - uh, that is not common, and it has nothing to do with love. - well, what if i was willing to do it to you? - um, i would need you to talk to hr. - i'm not into threesomes. - [laughs] i doubt that. oh. - are you there, chelsea? followhitney. part of nbc wednesday happy hour. it all starts 8:00/7:00 central on nbc.
10:54 am
and now on "today's kitchen," delicious desserts for valentine's day. the way through your sweetie's heart. >> the author of "sticky finger swe sweets: 100 super sweet vegan recipes." >> you look so healthy. >> you do. >> you're totally vegan? >> i am. >> how long? >> since i was 22, so that's -- >> a year. >> yeah. about five. >> what about the champagne? >> get straight to it. >> do vegans drink a little champagne? >> they do. absolutely. you can't start off valentine's day without some good champagne. >> talk about the cake you're making. >> this is a red velvet cake, no eggs, no dairy. and we start off with our traditional ingredients, flour,
10:55 am
sugar, cocoa, baking soda, salt. all your standards. right? >> what goes on in here? >> these are our liquids. we'll mix all our liquids first. >> okay. >> you can do that. >> cream? >> that is actually coconut milk. >> coconut milk. >> soy milk. >> hoda can have it. >> and then we have -- >> maybe you should become vegan, hoda. >> oh, no. >> can i mix this for you? >> absolutely. thanks. >> no. >> your vanilla. >> hers or mine? >> that's the magic ingredient. at the end. perfect. >> yep. >> fold it. >> hoda. >> the thing about baking is you want to make sure you have your technique down. >> okay. >> perfect. >> you want me to dump it in? >> i'll take care of that. >> you know -- >> we're going to fold, exactly. so liquid into the dry ingre
10:56 am
ingredie ingredients. >> i've already been fondued in the eye. >> the champagne drinking and the cupcake eating. so you have that. so here's where the magic ingredients come in. vinegar. the acids, baking soda reacts with the vinegar and the lemon juice we poured in and we get some really nice color changes. our bubbles. it gets really nice. >> all right. come on down and let's start decorating. >> you bake them for how long? >> right around 15 minutes p. >> tell us about the icing. >> the icing, sugar. first and foremost. vanilla. >> you like your sugar. >> absolutely. you can't do good baking without sugar. we have a nonhydrogenated vegan cream cheese, which is soy or rice. >> how does that taste? >> really delicious. >> get involved. get involved.
10:57 am
>> sara, get in here. >> everybody's different. it's perfect for valentine's day. >> hmm. it's good. >> making everyone happy. >> it is good. >> it's got like a little bit of an interesting texture. it's sweet. >> not quite chocolate or vanilla but definitely sweet. >> thank you so much. >> coming up tomorrow, actress lisa kudrow is with us. >> and couples massage. does that mean you and me? >> oh, man. and ambush makeovers. she can be so mean. >> you don't know her. >> you know what i'm saying? >> godzilla.
10:58 am
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